Days Upon the Year – Hymn to Aset (belated)

I do not often come to you, Lady of the West.
I have no asks or offers; I need no guide through
Your spheres of influence.

And yet…you are a Presence.
Great of Magic, Who Knows Ra by His Own Name,
When Called, You Will Come.
And I believe, truly believe,
That had I need, you would answer.

With this in mind, and with the Year close to Opening,
I will set out water and bread for your ka,
And say your Name.
That I do not forget.


Days Upon the Year – Hymn to Set

As your Wind blows, grains of sand scour my skin clean.
I have no need for natron; I am pure, I am pure, I am pure.
As the Lands turn Red with the setting sun,
I am afire with your purpose.

Neb.y, Who Is in the Heart of the Great Houses:
I am Larger than I used to be.
I would Support the Sky for all the Gods,
I would stand at the Tip of the Barque, and
My hair is Red.

I hold my head High.
Son of Nut, Son of Geb, on This day and
On all days, you are the Beautiful Child.
And I am Hem(t)adpmt.

I am most fortunate.

Days Upon the Year – Hymn to Heru-Wer

You are the Bone-Breaker,
Who Stands and Fights that ma’at be upheld.
Enemy of isfet, Apep will not stand against you.
Overthrower, Overcomer of obstacles,
Your way is through.

You are the See-r who Illuminates, the Lord of Flame.
Spread your wings, O Disk!, that my life be shaded from the slings and arrows.
I bring you kyphi and cool water to
Refresh your ka.

Lord of Flame, Great One with Speckled Plumage,
On this Day, I honor you.

Days Upon the Year – Hymn to Ausir

Dua Ausir!

Khenti-Amentiu, King of the Living,
Verdant One.
I bring you cool water, that your ka might be refreshed,
That your cool greenness spill across the living land.
On this day, I honor you, that I might grow.

Dua Ausir!

Qereti come forth from Amenti, He Who is Permanently Benevolent,
Lord of Love.
I bring you bread, that your ka might be nourished,
That your nourishing presence be passed to the Living Ones, to my Beloved Dead.
On this day, I honor you, that I might grow.

Dua Ausir!

Brother of Neb.y, Father of Heru,
Lord of Silence.
I set perfume to travel upon the wind, that your ka might be renewed,
That your Youth touches every Living Thing and makes it whole.
On this day, I honor you, that I might grow.