ToST – Reading 4

The querent (person for whom the reading is done; one who seeks) for this reading wanted to know how successful a series of major changes would be.  I used the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight for this reading, with a random significator (card representing the querent) and the Do-Think-Feel-Have-Be spread.


Significator – Two of Chalices

Love, romance, candles, and wine.  There is nothing like it while it burns to light the darkness, fill the world with beauty, and heal all manner of ills.

DO – The High Priestess

The High Priestess is familiar with the life that goes unseen, beneath the floors and in the walls.  What others may demean, she values and protects.

THINK – Queen of Pentacles

Appreciation of creation and the ability to create are qualities tied to the earth, the moon, the sun, and the heavens.  Who says that physical things are mundane?

FEEL – Four of Swords

Everywhere, troubles of every sort surround and follow you.  There is only one sensible course of action.  Find a peaceful spot and give yourself over to it.  Rest and ground yourself.  Then, deal with all the problems.

HAVE – Temperance

Temperance stands gracefully in the arid landscape forever balancing the need for hope and the desire for blessings.  In her hands, there is nothing lost.

BE – Two of Swords

You’ve risen above the situation, or so you think.  Stubbornly, you hold what you know to be true.  Yet, by refusing to see anything else, are you missing what else might also be true?



Much as you try to hide it, you are a romantic at heart.  You believe in true love, in kindness and generosity of spirit, and that these things can not only help to overcome adversity, but that they make the world a better place.  You rarely let people see this side of you, however; you prefer to present yourself differently.  This need to be seen as handling things gets in your way, though – you know when you need help, or support, but you don’t ask for it and (mostly) others don’t offer because they can’t see beneath the surface.

As you move through this phase of transition and change, you need to remember that the surface of things isn’t always the best representation and that, often, things are not what they seem.  Looking beneath is a survival tactic, and you have a gift for it.  Let that gift help you, and remember that sometimes the best way to see what someone or something really is involves exposing your own true self.

Remember your passions, no matter how small they seem – what is important to you is important, and no one should tell you otherwise.  Keep this firmly in your mind as you move toward your goals.

When you feel overwhelmed and overwrought, take a moment to stop and breathe.  Then, make a list: what absolutely must be dealt with, and what is just window dressing?  Handle what must be handled right away, and leave other things to be dealt with once you’ve cared for yourself.

You have insight into how things work, and the will to set them in motion.  Don’t let fear make you stumble; count out what you have and look to what you wish to acquire, and make it so.  Have faith, and apply it, while remembering that you also have to put in the time and do the work.

If you keep these things in mind, if you take the time to look at what happens from all angles and open your mind up to the possibility of things you didn’t think were possible, it will be easier to get where you need to go.  Staying true to what you believe does not mean that other beliefs are not just as true for those who hold them, and trying to apply your own beliefs to others can be disastrous.  When you are aware that yours is not the only road, you’ll be better able to travel.

You can have what you want, if you’re aware of the price and actively choose to pay it.


Images of the Cards and the Spread

ToST - Two of Chalices

ToST – Two of Chalices

ToST - The High Priestess

ToST – The High Priestess

ToST - Queen of Pentacles

ToST – Queen of Pentacles

ToST - Four of Swords

ToST – Four of Swords

ToST - Temperance

ToST – Temperance

ToST - Two of Swords

ToST – Two of Swords

TosT - Spread for Reading 4

TosT – Spread for Reading 4




When I was a little girl, one of my favorite things to do was spin around in a circle until I fell over dizzy.  I’d go outdoors on a sunny day, find a spot in my yard, and spin and spin until I couldn’t stay standing and toppled over into the grass.

(I also used to roll down the hill in our front yard, but that’s a topic for another time.)

Anyway, the idea of doing such a thing now makes me nauseous – in addition to my equilibrium changing after I had my son, I also have benign positional vertigo (BPV) which means I sometimes get dizzy and fall over for no reason at all.  Spinning in a circle until I fall over is now off the table, as is going on any amusement ride that spins and watching any movie that uses shaky cam as a thing.  But, I was amused to discover that my childhood spinning actually had a use that I didn’t know about – divination.  I’m referring to gyromancy.

Gyromancy is the practice of divination by circles or rounds, and there are a couple of well-known methods:

  • A person, or a group of people, spin or dance in circles until they become dizzy enough to fall on the ground.  At that point, everything that is said by the ones on the ground is recorded, and then those recorded words are interpreted for potential meaning.
  • A person, or a group of people, stand within a circle that is bordered by letters or symbols.  At the appropriate time, the person or group walks around the inside of the circle repeatedly until they grow dizzy enough to fall on the ground.  At that point, the position of the people on the ground in relation to the letters/symbols is noted and interpreted for meaning.

Both of the methods above sometimes involved the person or group of people getting up once they fell and repeating their actions until they couldn’t stand again or, as reported in Occult Sciences: A Compendium of Transcendental Doctrine and Experiment: “…till he evolved an intelligible sentence, or till death or madness intervened.”

Ummm, yeah.

Another method, and one I hadn’t heard of before researching for this post, uses a nicked or marked coin – the coin is spun within a circle of letters, and words are spelt out by where the nick or mark lands when the coin falls over.  I think I like this method best as it doesn’t involve me spinning in circles and then spewing.  Although, that might be another method – spin the person and interpret meaning based on where the discharge lands?

(Okay, forget I suggested that.  EW.)

Since I started pondering gyromancy, I’ve had a picture in my head of someone practicing it at a day care facility, at random, based on spinning pre-schoolers.  I mean, they will spin on their own – why not make some use of it by giving them soft mats marked with letters to use as a base?  I don’t know how accurate it would be, but it might make for a good experiment provided that no one actually spun the children; the children would need to spin on their own, of course.

Clearly, I am getting silly.  Sillier than usual, anyway.

I don’t currently know anyone who practices gyromancy, much like I didn’t (and still don’t!) know anyone who practices tyromancy.  If you do either, I’d be really interested to know your how and your why, and whether you think harnessing the power of small children is worthwhile.  After all, a day when I learn something new is a good day!

Today is a good day.

TT – Reading 7

I used the Tattooed Tarot with a random significator and three other cards to determine why the querent is having particular trouble removing someone from their life.

Significator is the Four of Chalices – Closure; interior block; resources not exploited.

Card to represent the other party is Death – Sudden separation; pitilessness; inexorability; physical illness; fear; skeletons in the closet; traumas.

Card representing what the querent should focus on for themselves is Knight of Wands – Voyage; change

Card representing what the querent should focus on regarding the other party is the Four of Swords – Detachment; marginalization; reflection.


Reading of the Cards

Don’t let yourself be held back by your shyness.  Forget past errors and give up your bad habits; rise from your own ashes.  Before you start out, study the best route to follow and the type of transportation to use.  Excessive isolation will lead to poverty and solitude.



In the case of this reading, I think “shyness” is actually trepidation, whether you’re aware of it or not.   Something is holding you back from fully removing the person from your life – you need to figure out what that is, and then you’ll find a way.  The person in question thinks they have changed and become better than they were and that they, for whatever reason, are good for you – you’ll need to do something to make them see that remaining in your life is detrimental for them.

Take a look at the things you’ve tried, and where they’ve failed – which pieces aren’t falling into place?  This person is actively trying to stay in your life, but there’s no divine intervention or magical help other than their own belief.  That needs to be dealt with and shattered before anything else will work.

Don’t be afraid to workshop the issue with other people who might be able to help.  Sometimes, others see what we miss.


Images of the Cards and the Spread

TT- Four of Chalices

TT- Four of Chalices

TT - Death

TT – Death

TT - Knight of Wands

TT – Knight of Wands

TT - Four of Swords

TT – Four of Swords

TT - Spread 7

TT – Spread 7

TT – Reading 6

I used the Tattooed Tarot with a random significator and a three-card Past-Present-Future spread to answer the following:

  • Is what the querent wants possible?
  • Is it likely to happen?
  • Is there anything that could/should be done differently?

Significator is the Four of Pentacles – Defeat of your enemies; Ambition.

Past Card – Nine of Wands – Prudence; a Difficult Victory; Healing with sacrifices

Present Card – Six of Chalices – Memories; Fragility

Future Card – Three of Swords – A stab in the back; Separation


Reading of the Cards

At times, it becomes necessary to resort to a weapon to achieve our aims.  Discipline and perseverance are the ingredients for your success.  You need advice or psychological help.  Don’t surrender to nostalgia.  A bolt from the blue will cause you great disappointment.



You are a strong person, with goals in mind, who knows what they want and does what they have to without compromising your own principles.  The fact that you brought things into the light of day when others wouldn’t is proof of that.  Rely on that strength in the weeks to come.

You’ve been in this place before, or one similar to it, or one that cut like this one does, and you came through.  You’re not without scars, though, but don’t be afraid to gain more.  Those scars are part of you and, although it is trite, what doesn’t kill you does make you stronger.  When you think of the past, remember both peace and war – one without the other is revisionist.

To look at where you are now and where you’re going may be difficult, but you will make it to the other side and, while you may not be glad about it, you’ll grow.  Keep your goals in mind; your foundation is strong, and this won’t make you crumble.

What you want is possible, but not without compromising who and what you are, and I don’t see you being willing to do that.  You’re on the right track – don’t stop and look back at what might’ve been.  Keep moving forward.


Images of the Cards and the Spread


TT - Four of Pentacles

TT – Four of Pentacles

TT - Nine of Wands

TT – Nine of Wands

TT - Five of Chalices

TT – Five of Chalices

Tattooed Tarot - Three of Swords

Tattooed Tarot – Three of Swords

Spread for Reading 6

Spread for Reading 6

TT – Reading 5

I used the Tattooed Tarot with a random significator and a two card pull to answer the following questions:

  • How is the querent’s change in path going to affect their spiritual life?
  • Is the deity the querent originally contacted as part of this new path still willing to work with them?

Significator is the Eight of Pentacles – Apprenticeship; Discoveries; Craftsmanship.

First Card – Three of Chalices – Friendship; Amusement; Freedom; Sincerity; Truth

Second Card – Ten of Wands – Libido; Obsession; Gambling; Addictions


Reading of the Cards

Listen to those who can teach you in order to increase your skills.  Let yourself experience the joy of living.  Be as carefree as a child.  An excessive passion can consume all your resources.



In your current spiritual state, you are seeking and questing.  Continue to do this: question everything, and seek knowledge from those who have more experience.  Your skill set will improve as you go.  This new path will open you up to new experiences that enrich your life.  Keeping caution in mind is always a good thing, but stop worrying about what might happen and instead focus on what you can control.  The deity in question will work with you, but try taking smaller steps rather than jumping in head-first; you’ll be less likely to feel you’re over your head and want to back out.


Images of the Cards and the Spread

TT - Eight of Pentacles

TT – Eight of Pentacles

TT - Three of Chalices (Cups)

TT – Three of Chalices (Cups)

TT - Ten of Wands

TT – Ten of Wands

Spread for Reading 5

Spread for Reading 5


If I made a list of all the things I do not know, assuming I knew all the things I do not know, that list would likely stretch around the world at least once, and it would include tyromancy.  That is to say, I’ve never, ever, done divination using cheese, and I wouldn’t even know where to begin if I suddenly got the notion to try it out.

Why tyromancy in particular, you ask?  Well, I often peruse The Phrontistery when trying to come up with titles for posts for the Pagan Blog Project, and the word (and its brief definition) jumped out at me.  I wanted to know more about what seemed to me to be a fairly obscure practice, and what I was able to find online solidified that position.  While several people have referred to it in blog posts, or online word compendia (compendiums?  See, here’s another thing I don’t know – what is the appropriate plural for compendium?), I am unable to find anything that indicates it is practiced now.

(If anyone knows differently, please let me know!)

So, what did I find when I went a-looking?  Well, most of the mentions appear to be derived (some word for word!) from an entry on Occultopedia:

“Derived from the Greek tūros (“cheese”) and manteia (“divination”), it (tyromancy) is the art and practice of divining the past, the present and the future by interpreting omens found in cheese…”

The entry goes on to describe the characteristics that were used for interpretation (among them: shape, number of holes, mold patterns) and to note what types of predictions were made (love, money, death).  I have to say, my favorite recreation of Occultopedia’s entry can be found on a blog with an amazing name – Medieval Cheese Forum.

(The name of the blog is why the entry is my favorite!)

So, by looking into tyromancy, I’ve learned some new facts to be filed away in one of the many bins in my brain (probably Miscellanea, under the heading Divination).  I’ve also been hit in the face (again!) with the fact that the more I learn, the more things there are that I haven’t learned.  That’s actually one of the more interesting things about life, I think – no matter how much I learn, there will always be more things to learn.  No matter how much I know, there will always be more things that I don’t know.  And, in fact, I will never know ALL THE THINGS.

I am human, and I cannot know everything – the amount of time and space I have will not allow for it.  To realize this, and the attendant fact that there is no way I can possibly know everything, is very freeing; it makes stating that I don’t know something a necessity, and therefore easier to do.  It makes asking questions about things I want to know a requirement.   It means, if someone acts surprised that I don’t know about watchtowers, or chakras, or whatever thing all pagans do, I can remind them that asking questions is how humans learn, and that no one knows everything.

And, I can do it with a smile.

ToST – Reading 3

I used the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight for this reading, with a random significator and a card for each question I asked:

  1. How can the querent build a foundation?
  2. What are the initial steps? (Actual question – what equates to wading ankle deep?)
  3. What is holding the querent back?

Significator – Knight of Chalices

There is something brave and beautiful about rushing headlong into love, about giving all of yourself with your whole heart.  Brave and beautiful, but not without its risks.

Question One – Eight of Swords

There are times when there seems to be no way out.  Trapped, powerless, without a single option.  What is left then?  Hope?  Despair?  Anger?  Fear?  Do any of those make any difference?

Question Two – Seven of Swords

A wall is built, ready to withstand whatever attacks may come.  What does it mean, though, when the builder of the wall spends more time convincing herself that she is in the right as she does anything else?

Question Three – Two of Chalices

Love, romance, candles, and wine.  There is nothing like it while it burns to light the darkness, fill the world with beauty, and heal all manner of ills.



You believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well, and because you are an intelligent person, you get frustrated quickly when things don’t come easily.  Diving head-first into a project is what you like best – tentative steps around the edge aren’t for you.  And yet, when you do dive in, you expose yourself more than you are comfortable doing.  Falling back to regroup feels like failure.

To build your foundation, you need to go back to basics.  What do you want from a religious path?  What do you need in order to follow it through?  Think about these things, and be honest with yourself – you do not need to go by what others think, but what is in your heart and mind.  Just remember, though – a foundation is built from the lowest level, so the beginning should be made up of simple things.  Don’t focus on what you should do.  Focus on what you will do.

An infant can down in an inch of water; even wading has its dangers, but if you spend too much time worrying about what might happen, you’ll never swim.  Take a step, then another.  Feel the water around your feet, swirling.  Think about how it feels, and recognize who you are in that moment.  Be here and now, and when things seem too distracting and you’re reaching for shiny things, step back and remember who you are.  A practice is nothing if you cannot recognize yourself in it.

Being able to visualize yourself in a practice that fulfills you and strengthens you is an amazing thing, but can be detrimental in the first stages.  You need to narrow your focus, and make smaller goals.  Imagining what may come can get in the way of what you need to do.  Stop daydreaming and find the plot.


Images of the Cards and the Spread

ToST - Knight of Chalices (Cups)

ToST – Knight of Chalices (Cups)

ToST - Eight of Swords

ToST – Eight of Swords

ToST - Seven of Swords

ToST – Seven of Swords

ToST - Two of Chalices (Cups)

ToST – Two of Chalices (Cups)

Spread for Reading 3

Spread for Reading 3