The Elder Scrolls – Jode, Jone, and Ja-Kha’jay

This is less an entry documenting specifics of the Khajiiti pantheon, and more of a commentary on the Khajiit themselves; as the Khajiit are bound to the Lunar Lattice, called Ja-Kha’jay.  The Lunar Lattice is a mysterious force related to the phases of the “twin moons” of Nirn, who are called Jode and Jone by the Khajiit.  “Twin moons” is a misnomer for the relation between Jode and Jone, however; if one looks closely, it is apparent that Jone actually orbits Jode.

Jode is the Big Moon God aspect of Ja-Kha’jay, and is known to non-Khajiit as Mara’s Tear, or Masser.  Jone is the Little Moon God aspect, known outside of Elsweyr as Secunda or Stendar’s Sorrow.  According to myth, Jode and Jone are what remain of Lorkhan after he was destroyed in the creation of Nirn, and are meant to remind Lorkhan’s man-creations of his duality and related struggles.  In addition, the phases of Jode and Jone affect the form a Khajiit takes in life.  These two things are the main reason the Khajiit are so devoted to worship of Ja-Kha’jay.

The manner in the Khajiit worship Ja-Kha’jay and its aspects are largely bound up in morphology – as each form of a Khajiit is tied to a different set of moon phases, so are the rites and veneration of the moons tied to those same phases.  There are rumored to be “more than twenty” forms of Khajiit, but foreigners (those who are non-Khajiiti) will find it difficult to locate records on most of them.

Since most of my readers are neither Khajiit nor live on Nirn, I’ll note that worship of Jode, Jone, and/or Ja-Kha’jay is best suited for those who are directly impacted by Masser and Secunda in one way or another, or for those who prefer to add a note of realism into their role-play in Tamriel.  I felt, though, it would be inappropriate of me to ignore the Lunar Lattice in my writings this year.


3 responses to “The Elder Scrolls – Jode, Jone, and Ja-Kha’jay

  1. I must shamefully admit that while I absolutely adore the elder scrolls games, sometimes I don’t pay enough attention to the fantastic lore they have…..your posts make me want to play again…and read every book and talk to everyone I come across!

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