The Elder Scrolls – Kynareth

Kynareth says: Use Nature’s gifts wisely.  Respect her power, and fear her fury.
Ten Commands, Nine Divines

As is apparent by the quote above, Kynareth is one of the Nine Divines, and while originally she was worshiped mainly in Cyrodiil, worship of her has spread and she is now included in both the Imperial and Breton pantheons.  Shrines to Kynareth can be found across Tamriel, mainly outside of settled cities which makes sense given her nature, although Whiterun in the province of Skyrim has a temple dedicated to her.

Kynareth is a goddess of the heavens, winds, elements, and unseen spirits of the air.  She is called “…the strongest of the Sky spirits” (Varieties of Faith in the Empire), and some also associate her with rain; this association is related to legends that state Kynareth was the first to agree with the plan to create the mortal plane and that she made the space for its creation in the void.  Some of these legends also note that rain was not present prior to the removal of Lorkhan’s divine spark;  whether this is true is subject for debate, although the sailors and travelers who claim her as patron certainly believe it to be so.

Kyne of the Nords and Khenarthi of the Khajiiti are said to be aspects of Kynareth, but as it is (mostly) followers of the Imperial pantheon who make this claim, I think it should be taken with a grain of salt.  After all, some people think Aphrodite and Venus are the same…and it’s my opinion that those people are silly.

Kynareth’s decree to man and mer (as transcribed at the top of this post) deals with the respect owed to Nature and to wild things, and I feel strongly that this is something many people forget.  While those who spend the bulk of their time subject to the elements and the whims of the natural world certainly keep Nature’s power in mind, many of us either do not have access to wild spaces or choose not to spend time in them.  And yet, even a dandelion growing through the crack of the pavement or a rainstorm beating against the windshield of one’s car demonstrate the wisdom of recognizing that Nature has its own agenda. In fact, I’d take it a step further: any situation where we are not in control can be used as a reminder that we do not have dominion over all and that, sometimes, the only thing to do is sit back and let things happen without trying to divert or stop them.

For those who wish to approach Kynareth and worship her, I would recommend cool water or incense as offerings that are appropriate and appeal to her nature.  She is most willing to assist in matters of fortune – the lucky kind, not the monetary.


One response to “The Elder Scrolls – Kynareth

  1. Great suggestions on how to appreciate the wonder and power of Nature for those of us who don’t live surrounded by much of it! How very easy it is to forget the greater world when you spend all day indoors, and how disconnected it leaves you feeling. Nothing I love better than standing outside at night when the wind is howling, just before a storm!

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