TT – Reading 7

I used the Tattooed Tarot with a random significator and three other cards to determine why the querent is having particular trouble removing someone from their life.

Significator is the Four of Chalices – Closure; interior block; resources not exploited.

Card to represent the other party is Death – Sudden separation; pitilessness; inexorability; physical illness; fear; skeletons in the closet; traumas.

Card representing what the querent should focus on for themselves is Knight of Wands – Voyage; change

Card representing what the querent should focus on regarding the other party is the Four of Swords – Detachment; marginalization; reflection.


Reading of the Cards

Don’t let yourself be held back by your shyness.  Forget past errors and give up your bad habits; rise from your own ashes.  Before you start out, study the best route to follow and the type of transportation to use.  Excessive isolation will lead to poverty and solitude.



In the case of this reading, I think “shyness” is actually trepidation, whether you’re aware of it or not.   Something is holding you back from fully removing the person from your life – you need to figure out what that is, and then you’ll find a way.  The person in question thinks they have changed and become better than they were and that they, for whatever reason, are good for you – you’ll need to do something to make them see that remaining in your life is detrimental for them.

Take a look at the things you’ve tried, and where they’ve failed – which pieces aren’t falling into place?  This person is actively trying to stay in your life, but there’s no divine intervention or magical help other than their own belief.  That needs to be dealt with and shattered before anything else will work.

Don’t be afraid to workshop the issue with other people who might be able to help.  Sometimes, others see what we miss.


Images of the Cards and the Spread

TT- Four of Chalices

TT- Four of Chalices

TT - Death

TT – Death

TT - Knight of Wands

TT – Knight of Wands

TT - Four of Swords

TT – Four of Swords

TT - Spread 7

TT – Spread 7


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