The Elder Scrolls – Dragon

I’ve mentioned, in a previous post, before the Nords were as they are today, during the rule of the Dragon Priests, the people of Atmora worshiped nine animal gods – six shown as male, and three as female.  Chief among these gods, and no surprise given the time period, was the Dragon.  The Dragon is thought to represent Alduin, the World-Eater, and God of Destruction, antithesis to the aspects represented by the Nine Divines.

Alduin proclaims himself to be firstborn of Akatosh, chief of the Nine Divines, and his peers agreed he was the pinnacle of Akatosh’s creations.  It was this praise that caused Alduin to forsake his role as World-Eater to conquer Mundus for himself and his fellow dragons.  So, if the Dragon is Alduin, then it is also the ravaging firestorm, herald of the Apocalypse, and that which will bring about the end of the world.   In my mind, though, the Dragon of the Ancient Nords is more than just a representation of Alduin because there are/were a number of notable dragons, each of whom is/was known for something different.

To me, the Dragon is change, either through destruction and rebirth, or through transformation, or through the simple flow of time.  Things are not meant to remain static, and the Dragon ensures they do not.

To me, the Dragon is strength, to take what is needed and defend the right to do so.  The Dragon knows what it needs, and what it is due, and little can divert it from its course once set.

To me, the Dragon is patience, to outlast those who rise against it, to watch and wait.  Not all things require immediate action; sometimes, the opposition simply gets tired and goes away.

What is the Dragon to you?  What could it be?


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