TT – Reading 6

I used the Tattooed Tarot with a random significator and a three-card Past-Present-Future spread to answer the following:

  • Is what the querent wants possible?
  • Is it likely to happen?
  • Is there anything that could/should be done differently?

Significator is the Four of Pentacles – Defeat of your enemies; Ambition.

Past Card – Nine of Wands – Prudence; a Difficult Victory; Healing with sacrifices

Present Card – Six of Chalices – Memories; Fragility

Future Card – Three of Swords – A stab in the back; Separation


Reading of the Cards

At times, it becomes necessary to resort to a weapon to achieve our aims.  Discipline and perseverance are the ingredients for your success.  You need advice or psychological help.  Don’t surrender to nostalgia.  A bolt from the blue will cause you great disappointment.



You are a strong person, with goals in mind, who knows what they want and does what they have to without compromising your own principles.  The fact that you brought things into the light of day when others wouldn’t is proof of that.  Rely on that strength in the weeks to come.

You’ve been in this place before, or one similar to it, or one that cut like this one does, and you came through.  You’re not without scars, though, but don’t be afraid to gain more.  Those scars are part of you and, although it is trite, what doesn’t kill you does make you stronger.  When you think of the past, remember both peace and war – one without the other is revisionist.

To look at where you are now and where you’re going may be difficult, but you will make it to the other side and, while you may not be glad about it, you’ll grow.  Keep your goals in mind; your foundation is strong, and this won’t make you crumble.

What you want is possible, but not without compromising who and what you are, and I don’t see you being willing to do that.  You’re on the right track – don’t stop and look back at what might’ve been.  Keep moving forward.


Images of the Cards and the Spread


TT - Four of Pentacles

TT – Four of Pentacles

TT - Nine of Wands

TT – Nine of Wands

TT - Five of Chalices

TT – Five of Chalices

Tattooed Tarot - Three of Swords

Tattooed Tarot – Three of Swords

Spread for Reading 6

Spread for Reading 6


2 responses to “TT – Reading 6

    • A significator is a card pulled that is (traditionally) meant to represent either the person for whom the reading is being done (the querent) or the issue about which the reading is being done. I use them to represent the person who asked me for the reading.

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