TT – Reading 5

I used the Tattooed Tarot with a random significator and a two card pull to answer the following questions:

  • How is the querent’s change in path going to affect their spiritual life?
  • Is the deity the querent originally contacted as part of this new path still willing to work with them?

Significator is the Eight of Pentacles – Apprenticeship; Discoveries; Craftsmanship.

First Card – Three of Chalices – Friendship; Amusement; Freedom; Sincerity; Truth

Second Card – Ten of Wands – Libido; Obsession; Gambling; Addictions


Reading of the Cards

Listen to those who can teach you in order to increase your skills.  Let yourself experience the joy of living.  Be as carefree as a child.  An excessive passion can consume all your resources.



In your current spiritual state, you are seeking and questing.  Continue to do this: question everything, and seek knowledge from those who have more experience.  Your skill set will improve as you go.  This new path will open you up to new experiences that enrich your life.  Keeping caution in mind is always a good thing, but stop worrying about what might happen and instead focus on what you can control.  The deity in question will work with you, but try taking smaller steps rather than jumping in head-first; you’ll be less likely to feel you’re over your head and want to back out.


Images of the Cards and the Spread

TT - Eight of Pentacles

TT – Eight of Pentacles

TT - Three of Chalices (Cups)

TT – Three of Chalices (Cups)

TT - Ten of Wands

TT – Ten of Wands

Spread for Reading 5

Spread for Reading 5


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