ToST – Reading 3

I used the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight for this reading, with a random significator and a card for each question I asked:

  1. How can the querent build a foundation?
  2. What are the initial steps? (Actual question – what equates to wading ankle deep?)
  3. What is holding the querent back?

Significator – Knight of Chalices

There is something brave and beautiful about rushing headlong into love, about giving all of yourself with your whole heart.  Brave and beautiful, but not without its risks.

Question One – Eight of Swords

There are times when there seems to be no way out.  Trapped, powerless, without a single option.  What is left then?  Hope?  Despair?  Anger?  Fear?  Do any of those make any difference?

Question Two – Seven of Swords

A wall is built, ready to withstand whatever attacks may come.  What does it mean, though, when the builder of the wall spends more time convincing herself that she is in the right as she does anything else?

Question Three – Two of Chalices

Love, romance, candles, and wine.  There is nothing like it while it burns to light the darkness, fill the world with beauty, and heal all manner of ills.



You believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well, and because you are an intelligent person, you get frustrated quickly when things don’t come easily.  Diving head-first into a project is what you like best – tentative steps around the edge aren’t for you.  And yet, when you do dive in, you expose yourself more than you are comfortable doing.  Falling back to regroup feels like failure.

To build your foundation, you need to go back to basics.  What do you want from a religious path?  What do you need in order to follow it through?  Think about these things, and be honest with yourself – you do not need to go by what others think, but what is in your heart and mind.  Just remember, though – a foundation is built from the lowest level, so the beginning should be made up of simple things.  Don’t focus on what you should do.  Focus on what you will do.

An infant can down in an inch of water; even wading has its dangers, but if you spend too much time worrying about what might happen, you’ll never swim.  Take a step, then another.  Feel the water around your feet, swirling.  Think about how it feels, and recognize who you are in that moment.  Be here and now, and when things seem too distracting and you’re reaching for shiny things, step back and remember who you are.  A practice is nothing if you cannot recognize yourself in it.

Being able to visualize yourself in a practice that fulfills you and strengthens you is an amazing thing, but can be detrimental in the first stages.  You need to narrow your focus, and make smaller goals.  Imagining what may come can get in the way of what you need to do.  Stop daydreaming and find the plot.


Images of the Cards and the Spread

ToST - Knight of Chalices (Cups)

ToST – Knight of Chalices (Cups)

ToST - Eight of Swords

ToST – Eight of Swords

ToST - Seven of Swords

ToST – Seven of Swords

ToST - Two of Chalices (Cups)

ToST – Two of Chalices (Cups)

Spread for Reading 3

Spread for Reading 3



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