I’m behind, again, on the Pagan Blog Project (PBP), and trying to figure out why I keep losing my motivation.

I like PBP.  This is my third year doing it, and I think I’ve got several years left in me (assuming it continues).  I like the “two weeks of posts per letter” set-up and don’t find it overly tasking.  I’ve got tons to write about – in fact, every time I do a post, I think of additional topics to cover.

(Although, sometimes that last bit is a detriment – it can take me weeks to figure out which one of the topics floating around in my head I should cover.)

And then, there’s The Cauldron Blog Project (TCBP) on which I’m also behind…although, this post may help me with both things since it is both an ‘M’ post and fits the June theme of TCBP (Getting Behind, Commitments and Expectations).  And combination of two isn’t against any rules I know of…and I don’t want to know if it actually is.

Motivation is one of those things that comes up in all kinds of situations, and application to Paganism is no different.  We all have things we want or need to do, and we all run out of motivation to do them from time to time.  Sometimes it is fleeting and easily gotten past, sometimes it is long-term and due to issues of “real life” (family, job, finances, etc.), and sometimes it is because we’re stuck in the proverbial cul-de-sac yet again with a spiritual fuel tank full of sugar.

Writing is a need-to-do for me.  Without it, I can’t see the patterns of my own brain, and identifying them is critical to remain functional in all aspects of my life.   Yet, I seem to have the motivation for some types of writing, but not others.  I’ll write happily (and daily!) about the perfume I’m wearing (which is also a religious act but that’s a post for another time), but the religious stuff gets put on hold time and again.

Clearly, I need to find a reason to write on this blog more often since need-to-do is not enough.

From a FlameKeeping stance, actions that promotes self-growth and awareness are considered to be of the Dark Flame, and actions that promote growth and awareness in interaction with others are considered to be of the Bright Flame.  Both Flames should be nurtured and encouraged to grow since as we grow, so does everything.  And since the writing I do here is both for myself and for others…that would suggest that the keeping up of this blog nurtures both my Dark and Bright Flames.

Guess I’ve found my motivation after all.  I’d better start thinking about the letter ‘N’.




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