Dark Flame – Self-Check

I’ve just finished a project on my other blog where I kept a food journal for seven days in an attempt to assess what I eat on a regular basis and if there are any modifications I need to make.  I wrote what I ate, and did not make any modifications for the project except not consuming any alcohol until the final day (my thought was that alcohol would complicate things, and I wanted to focus on the food I was eating).  I’m going to do an assessment of how the project went on the other blog, so I won’t get into too much detail or analysis here.  I will say, though, that I think it worked as a self-check and, therefore, as Dark Flame work.

Self-checks are very important in my religious practice – I subscribe to the idea that understanding myself is key to being able to understand things outside myself.  Since everything is Divine (me, the tree, the rock, and especially my left shoe) it therefore makes sense to ensure that I walk my own talk when it comes to improving.  The things I do impact the Universe, and so I need to make sure that I am actually doing the things I think I’m doing.  I do this by doing periodic self-checks on different aspects of my life and measuring them against my intent.

I do self-checks on personal things (what I eat, how much activity I get, whether I’m keeping to my budget, what my depression is doing), religious work (am I upholding ma’at?  am I remembering to honor my gods?), interactions with others (am I remembering to be social?  am I calling people back when they call me?), etc.  Each time I look at what I intend to do, what I am actually doing, and if I am still being true to myself – sort of a “check myself and make sure I’m still who I think I am” thing.   If I notice a change in my behavior I do a root cause analysis on it – why am I doing X, and do I need to change my expectations of myself or change my behavior?  In some instances, my expectations have to change but, in others, I find I’m not being true to myself and I have to wrench things back on track.  Whichever I do, the self-check ensures I’m self-aware and can make a decision about who/how I want to be rather than allowing the current to carry me along.

Action above all things, after all.  😉


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