TCBP – Resolutions, Habits, New Beginnings

I’d like to say I have a set of specific resolutions for the new year that I plan to carry out…but life is rarely that simple and my religious path is even less-so at times.  With real life playing a seriously heavy hand right now (work contract ended in mid-November and no new job in sight), I’m finding it difficult to concentrate on what I want to tackle in 2014 – habits to form or break, things to try for the first time or again, or…anything, really.

And yet, I have an urge to plan something.  I’m a planner; it’s what I do.  I’m more afraid of not planning at all than not living up to a plan which, in the past, has led me into some interesting places.  For example, I planned to start doing work for Nut on the first Jubilee after Wep Ronpet 2013 and I did so…and the formal meditations with absinthe-as-entheogen stopped after four moon cycles.  Instead, I’ve been honoring Nut and doing less formal meditation on her Gates.  She is content with this because I am still working and the fact that it is in different form does not (currently) matter. Easier to do, in this case, means that the work gets done…and that’s not a bad thing.  In fact, it’s a thing that makes my gods (and me) really happy.

So this year, I plan to simplify some things.  I’m rooting through my pagan books, for example, and listing the ones that are no longer relevant to my practice on BookMooch.  I’m paring down my tools (anyone want an athame with leather sheath?) so I have only what I will use.  I’m decluttering the spaces in my house (and plugging Unfuck Your Habitat!) and in my head.  I’m digging down to see what is there and how it matters…and then how to make it matter more.  I’m finding the Holes and figuring out how to fill them.

All of these things are possible regardless of money issues, time issues, health issues, or the just-don’-wannas…and all of these things are necessary for me to continue working without stagnation.  2014 will be my (planned) year of simplification.

I definitely plan to learn along the way.


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