The Work – FlameKeeping

I could write, simply, that my FlameKeeping work is identical to my Kemetic work and that would be that.  See?  Nice short blog post!

Except,  they’re not identical and to try and say they’re one and the same would be a pile of misinformation and you all know how I feel about that.  There are similarities, but to harp on them could diminish the FlameKeeping work itself.  So, let me try and break that down into parts that make sense and then you, dear reader, can identify the similarities as it pleases you.

In FlameKeeping, we believe that everything is Divine and part of a greater Whole.   In line with this, it stands to reason that our actions therefore affect that Whole – anything a “part” does impacts the Whole to which it belongs.  My task, therefore, is to ensure that the actions I take are toward improvement of the Whole…and this means all my actions.  When I brush my teeth (Dark Flame – self-care), when I put my shopping cart back in the cart corral (Bright Flame – consideration of others), when I go to therapy (Dark Flame), when I hunt down an issue with clinical trial data (Bright Flame) – during all of these things I try to keep in mind the idea that my actions affect the Whole, and that it behooves me to ensure that I improve as I go.

The thing about FlameKeeping is that it requires no grand rituals, no setting aside of sacred space, no marking of holidays with pomp and circumstance and incense and prayer…so my religious work is rooted in my daily activities.  In fact, my FlameKeeping work is all daily activities – the things I do each day are imbued with my intent to improve the Whole and so they become work even while remaining, on face value, ordinary.

Improvement, of the self, of others, of community, is key.  Intent is key.  FlameKeeping combines them both.


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