There’s nothing like the thrill of learning something new.   The mind opens, and it feels like a swift breeze blows through, removing the cobwebs and detritus of everything stored away.  Suddenly, anything is possible; with the entry of the never known comes wondering about what else is out there to be discovered, and what might have been cast aside, foolishly.  For me, it sets me on a path of re-examination and I begin looking in the shadows of the bits I already know to find that which I don’t.  I pick up the facts I have and turn them over to see them in a new light.  I question, I consider, and I redefine.

In other words, I get caught up in the Zing! and use it to take another look at what I know, what I don’t, and how they’re intertwined.  I take another look, because I cannot do otherwise. Why wouldn’t I want an influx of knowledge to shape how I see the Universe?  Why wouldn’t I welcome new information to shore up my mental walls and further my spiritual beliefs?

Why would I want to be static rather than grow?

I’m not trying to say, by any stretch, that I throw over everything I know and believe every time I hear something I’ve not heard before.  Nor am I saying that those who rely on what they’ve learned in the past are incorrect.  There’s value in the lore (the LORE!); there’s value in old texts and the rituals and prayers we say because we’ve always done so.  There’s value in tradition – as we do what countless others have done we feel our connections to them in ways we might not otherwise.  And yet…those connections are there, whether we consciously feel them or not, and if we take new knowledge and add it to our libraries of information then we grow.  And as we grow, those to whom we are connected, past, present, and future, grow as well.

The Universe is not static, but a constantly changing glorious thing that defies our every attempt to nail it down and define it.  Why, therefore, would we wish to be any different?  Why would we want to be static rather than grow?

Be the Divine.  Be the Universe.  Embrace the Zing!


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