Yellow Bird

This season is very akhu-centric for me and, as such, I keep thinking of my grandmother.  In fact, since Thanksgiving, I don’t think a day has gone by without thoughts of her floating through my mind, and without me taking time in front of the shrine in my living room in prayer.

I’ve also had a song running through my head since then, one that my grandmother loved even as she deteriorated into dementia.  My mother or I would sing it to her when we went to visit, and she’d always smile and sing along in her frail, reedy voice…even on the days she had difficulty remembering our names, or why she was happy to see us.

Since songs in my head are usually signposts pointing the direction I need to go, this post is for her, my beloved grandmother, one of my Beloved Dead, one of my akhu:

Thank you, Grandma, for living before me, strengthening me, and enabling me to reach this season.  You are never out of my thoughts.  You are never out of my life.

Kingston Trio version

Original Song – Choucoune



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