Yammer yammer

Recently, I was asked if it was okay to hex jinx someone as long as the qualifier “in perfect love and perfect trust” was added to it.  Let me add here that, yes, said person was serious.

I was puzzled by this question, in as far as I can tell, the qualifier cancels out anything the hex jinx was supposed to do.  After all, one doesn’t generally hex jinx someone out of love or trust.  I can see doing it in certain situations, maybe, but that’s because I believe morality is fluid and ethics are situational.  For example, I’d hex jinx someone I loved to save them from a worse fate, and I think there are other situations out there that could call for it (it’s the smother-the-baby-to-save-a-village thing all over again).  The person who asked the question, and was planning the hex jinx wasn’t in that type of situation, though.  It was a case of “Get this stalker ASSHOLE away from me”, which is definitely hex jinx-worthy and, in my opinion, reason in and of itself that a qualifier shouldn’t be added on.

(I’d probably add a side of “may his testicles shrivel up and fall off” were it me, but it isn’t.)

To me, a hex jinx with a caveat of love and trust is like a vegetarian soup having chicken broth as a base – the caveats turn them into something completely different than what they are supposed to be. If the intent of a hex jinx is to cause harm in some form, adding anything to mitigate the harm caused seems to me to be a waste of time.  If the caveat is needed, why do the spell at all?

It’s another case of words mean things, really, along with a side of bet hedging.  For something to be vegetarian, it needs to contain no products obtained through the death of an animal.  Keeping kosher isn’t possible while eating bacon (although I’ve heard that Epically Un-kosher Chicken is amazing).  Calling oneself a Christian doesn’t work if one doesn’t believe in the resurrection (at least, to my knowledge – please correct me if I’m wrong), and I wouldn’t be a FlameKeeper if I believed that personal salvation would get me into some wonderful after-life place.

Being aware of how things fit together, and making informed choices is an essential part of FlameKeeping.  In order to improve, to promote balance, a FlameKeeper has to be able to own their actions and decisions, and be aware of the consequences that come from everything we do.  Where consequences can be identified ahead of time, we need to mitigate them.  Where they can’t, we need to be on the lookout for them and to step in where needed.  This doesn’t mean being involved in every little thing that goes on in the Universe, but it does mean owning our own shit.

It means knowing what you want the outcome to be, and what is likely to occur, before throwing shit into the air while yelling after it, “Harm none!”

Note: After receiving a very helpful comment from a reader, I have struck through the word I was using (hex) and replaced it with a more appropriate one (jinx).


3 responses to “Yammer yammer

  1. On the point of “words mean things”, hexing (in all honesty) simply means to bewitch someone, or practice Witchcraft; to cast a spell or charm. All curses are hexes, but not all hexes are curses kind of situation… So I mean, in all technicalities it would be possible to add on something like “in perfect love and perfect trust” depending on the type of hex. If you’re doing a curse or a jinx though, no. I’d definitely agree that it’s “like a vegetarian soup having chicken broth as a base”. It just kind of cancels it out and makes it void IMO. It’s useless and honestly I’ve had better results and less universal repercussions by just owning my curse… Especially in circumstances like the questioners’. Don’t go easy on them because you’re afraid of either hurting them or of the universal backlash you might get from it. Recognize their actions as endangering, accept that you find them endangering enough to sling a curse their way, sling it, and then own that shit. Less likely to face consequences that way and, IMO, if you feel like they’re endangering you by stalking, why would you want to go easy on them in the first place? But if you’re still not ok with all that… then there’s different spells you can do that aren’t curses but serve a similar purpose. Try those instead if you can’t own your work and feel the need to add something like “in perfect love and perfect trust” to the end of a curse (and thus negating the point of it in the first place).

    • Thank you for this! I’ll remember the difference – I tend to put hex and jinx in the same category, but you’re right: that’s a case of me not using words to mean what I want to mean. It’s only right that I get my errors pointed out, since I tend to do it to other people. 😉

      • It’s fine. Actually i didn’t even know the difference until about a year ago when someone else pointed it out to me because i used to do the same! Just spreading the love 🙂 I love this post though ❤

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