The Work

There’s been a theme in the blogosphere, of late, about the work we do as pagans.  It’s gotten heated at times, and playful at other times, and (like assholes) everyone has an opinion of what constitutes religious work and what doesn’t.

I’ve always been a fan of doing tangible things in the name of religious practice; the church I grew up attending had practices that included actual feeding of the hungry, clothing of the naked, housing for the homeless, etc.  We, as children, went into the community to perform actual service rather than just paying lip-, and it is something that stayed with me even as I moved away from Christianity in the late 90s.

(Yes, I’ve only been a pagan for 16+ years.)

Every aspect of my religious practice has tangible work associated with it; like so many people out there, I’ unable to sit by and talk the talk without walking the walk.  My relationships with my gods include more than hermitage, or constant prayer, or locking myself away in a cell to spend all my days in contemplation.  They also don’t include telling other people what counts as true religious practice and what doesn’t – as we’re all individuals, it is natural that our practices will differ.

I have three separate categories of religious work right now based on the paths I follow.  There are things I do that are specifically Kemetic in nature, others that are part of FlameKeeping, and some that apply across the board.  I suspect there’s a third category coming along as well but that…well, it isn’t well-defined right now.  Anyway, since there are separate categories, I am going to write a separate post for each rather than trying to cram them all into one enormous 1000+ word thing – my readers know I tend to be a fan of brevity.

So, stay tuned.  Self-righteous posts about how my own work trumps that of others are coming up Posts with specifics are coming right up!


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