I follow a Kemetic path, mainly because the majority of the gods I worship are netjeru and they expect me to either do as they say, or to argue about it from a firm foundation. Since I have no reason not to follow tradition with them, in terms of worship I generally do as they say.

Now, I’m not a reconstructionist by any means, and I’m pretty sure reconstructionists would be horrified by some of the things I do. But my gods are pleased, and my practice is whole and full even if it is solo.

So what does this mean? Well, it means waking the gods in the morning. It means giving offerings of bread, and water, and beer. It means reading traditional prayers, and hymns, and dancing, and singing in praise of the netjeru. It means having shrines dedicated to them, designed in a specific way. It means honoring my akhu, and performing rituals rooted in ancient writings. It means heka. And, since I don’t have a ritual group with which to practice per se, or a temple to go to, I do these things on my own.

I say per se because I do have a religious community. It just happens to be online, and made up of people from many faiths and who follow many paths. I get to bounce things off people with other points of view, and apply what fits to my own practice. In addition, since at least two of the gods I worship are not netjeru, I can brainstorm ideas with others who worship them without leaving my own community.

It’s not easy, and in my fallow times I sometimes wonder if I’d be better off joining some sort of group. But the fallow times pass, and I feel the closeness of my gods, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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