Safety and Survival

“It’s true, we’re never safe. I’ve never understood the fascination with safety. Some of us choose differently.” – Morinth, Mass Effect 2.

Unlike Morinth, I do understand the fascination with safety. I understand the wish to just curl up and not have to worry about anyone or anything, to know that my needs will be met, to know that survival isn’t just possible, but guaranteed.  There’s a line in a lullaby that Katniss Everdeen sings in book one of the Hunger Games trilogy that sums up the wish perfectly, in my opinion – “Here it’s safe, here it’s warm, here the daises guard you from every harm…”  It’s a beautiful sentiment – being safe and contented and warm and fed and cared for, never to be harmed.  It’s what we want for our children, and our loved ones and, though we rarely admit it, for ourselves.

Unfortunately, a world where everyone is safe and warm and protected and guaranteed survival isn’t likely to happen in my lifetime.  I like to think it could, but every day the behavior of my fellow humans brings me a little closer to walking a path of despair…and that’s putting aside the fact that I have Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and triggers galore.  Here a mass shooting, there a monomaniacal dictator gassing his own people, and down the road another college student attacked walking home from a late class.

We are all Divine. We are all of the same glorious Whole, which means that each of us are connected, and each are precious. Survival is essential in order for the universe to grow and improve. Safety is essential for that survival. So how do we, as pieces of the Divine, nurture it and ensure the survival of our other parts?  How do we then go on to ensure that those surviving parts are safe?

Chances are…you’re already doing it.  There’s no magic spell, no silver bullet – nurturing the Divine is in our every day actions.  Every time you cuddle and feed and clothe and love your children; every time you choose to recycle your soda can instead of tossing it in the garbage; every time you take used clothing to the Goodwill for donation; every time you encourage the growth of native plants in your yard; every time you offer a shoulder to cry on; every time you take yourself to a doctor’s appointment, you are nurturing the Divine.

As we go, so does the Divine.  As we survive, so does the Divine.  As we are safe, so is the Divine.


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