Wag Festival Make-Up Day!

The Wag Festival, according to my calendar, was actually August 22nd, and I forgot to observe it (more color coding on my Google Calendar is clearly needed).  So, I, and someone else from my religious community,  set today, September 10th, as a make-up day.  And, what do many people do for Wag Festival?

That’s right!  It’s ancestor shrine cleaning day!

This evening, I will remove ALL THE THINGS from my ancestor shrine, which is set up on the mantel in my living room.  I’ll clean the entire surface, and then each object in turn.  I’ll replace the objects in a new design/format/theme, and I’m hoping to add an object that represents my husband’s uncle this year if we can find something appropriate.

(I have a couple of ideas, but want to run them past him first, of course.)

Finally, I will give an offering  of cool water and light a candle to sit on the shrine.


3 responses to “Wag Festival Make-Up Day!

  1. I had the urge to clean and move my ancestor shrine yesterday. Coincided with picking up my grandmothers ashes(3 years after the funeral)

      • I moved it from an easily overlooked shelf in a corridor, to on top of a cabinet in the main living area. It’s been completely re arranged so that there’s space for everything.
        I had been thinking for quite some time that I needed to redo it all, but getting the ashes was what spurred me into doing it.

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