Par(i)ty People

Even though I believe that we are all Divine, I still have difficulty remembering to treat everyone accordingly.

I could go into a lot of things about how I’m human, and humans aren’t perfect, and yadda yadda yadda…but I still beat myself up every time I realize that I’m not applying parity across the board.

So…parity. Parity is equality; parity is balance. You may have heard the term related to electronics, or music, but it applies to people too. In interactions with others, parity is starting out from the point of view that we’re equal and then moving forward from there.

Let me be clear: parity does not mean going overboard on the happiness and light and love and bright blessings and all that crap. It doesn’t mean liking everybody; it doesn’t even mean acting as if you like everybody. Parity is applied by recognizing the Divine where it resides – in the fluff down the street; in the BNP with the holier-than-thou blog posts; in the new-to-paganism poster in your favorite online community – and interacting with reason and respect.

(Well, until they say something amazingly stupid, anyway.) šŸ˜‰

In all seriousness, parity doesn’t always mean turning the other cheek, or ignoring the fact that sometimes people just say ridiculous things. Taking advantage of a teachable moment is completely doable from a place of respect. Granted, it might not be as fun, but it’s totally possible.

I should know – I’ve managed to do it once or twice.


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