Kindling My Stars

My friend, Genevieve Wood, wrote a book called Kindling Our Stars. It is the first book published on the topic of FlameKeeping, and I highly recommend it, along with Genevieve’s essays and FlameKeeping itself. But, this post isn’t about those things…exactly.

The more I recommend the book, and that people learn about FlameKeeping (and I do this A LOT), the more I think that I should take a moment to take stock and note how I kindle my own stars. What keeps me going? What lights my flame and fuels it?

Its funny how simple a question this is, and yet how profound. If you asked me what I’m like, I have to say I’m a pretty ordinary person. I have strengths, and I have weaknesses. I have things that make me happy, and things that made me damn right pissed off. But I have to take a moment to think about what really matters to me. I have to stop and think and wonder if my own actions are in line with these things.

I am a FlameKeeper. I believe that everything is Divine and that all things are connected to one another. I believe there for that everyone and everything should be treated accordingly. But, I am also human. I am imperfect. I fail…on a routine basis. In fact, I dare say that anyone who doesn’t fail on a regular basis isn’t really living. And…I get my ass back up each and every time. I get up, and brush myself off, and promise I’ll do better.

This is not to say that I don’t cry about every failure, or whine, or stomp my feet and scream about how things aren’t fair. I do, loudly and often. But, I’ve learned something after failure upon failure: it is by recognizing and accepting our faults that we can truly recognize and accept ourselves. And, accepting myself and my own Divinity is how I kindle my stars.


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