Jujyfruit Theology

One of my favorites Seinfeld episodes involves Elaine stopping at the candy counter at the movies to buy a box of jujyfruits before rushing off to see how her date injured himself.  The episode itself is funny, but at the time that I saw it I was struck by something simple: someone besides me likes jujyfruits.

Jujyfruits, for anyone who doesn’t know, are these lovely little fruit flavored candies.   People who are not fond of gummy candy should not eat them, as they take gummy to the ultimate level.  They come in a cardboard box like an old time movie candy, and they’re so chewy that they stick to your teeth.

Okay, you’re saying. That’s interesting, but what does all this have to do with the Pagan Blog Project? It’s simple really. Chewing on a jujyfruit makes me think of all the religious concepts I have to mull over (or chew on, if you will) before I can even hope of applying them.

We all have them – those things we just don’t get the first time we look at them. Some people pretend that they get everything on the first try, and that’s when I really start taking what they have to say with a grain of salt. The truth is, everyone needs help with something. We’re human. We are not perfect, nor were we designed to be perfect. We are in fact, able to absorb many things to a certain degree on the first try but it might take more emphasis, more chewing, to really grasp advanced concepts.

So, as I sit here, chewing on an anise flavored jujyfruit, I can take a moment to think of those things on which I need to spend more time. I can mull over the spiritual in my head, and realize once again that it doesn’t matter if I get something on the first try or not. What matters is the trying itself.

If we are truly meant to grow and learn and improve as we go along, what sense is there in not trying new things?


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