And, this is why I leave the calendar figuring to those who actually have the foo.

Peaceful Awakenings: Reflections of Egypt

It’s easy to get tangled up in pointless angst, with this reconstruction thing.

Take something simple and basic: the sixth-day festival honoring the ancestors. It’s mentioned from the Pyramid Texts through the Book of Going Forth By Day, ancestors are foundational to a sound Kemetic practice, go!


… sixth day of what?

Parker has the sixth day of the lunar month named “śnt”, in other words, sixth day, so clearly it’s lunar, and falls the day before “dnỉt”, “part-day, first quarter day”, so the day before first quarter!


Okay if you count the lunar cycle this month the first quarter falls on the tenth day and even if we make it better by figuring this is one of the long months with an extra-long dark moon we can only get it to ninth or maybe eighth, so the sixth day’s location in the lunar month is scary uncertain.

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