Pop Culture Paganism

Sometimes, *that* something works means more than *why* something works.

Adventures in Vanaheim

Warning: This post is one of those posts, the ones that will probably piss some of you off.

I promised myself I would try not to jump on too many bandwagons, but, well, screw that, this is important.

Let me tell you a story….

A woman who posts on one of the fora where I lurk had been trying to get pregnant for a year without success. At the end of the year, she remembered a particular ritual from the Kushiel’s Legacy series, wherein D’Angeline women (who can’t get pregnant otherwise) light candles and pray to the goddess Eisheth to “open the gates of their womb”.

She decided to perform the ritual, and the following cycle, she became pregnant, and has had no problems since.

I’m telling you this story because lately it seems as if some people have it in for pop culture Paganism. In case you aren’t up…

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