Divine Idiocy

We are all Divine – you, me, the rock, the tree, my left shoe (especially), and that piece of fnerd (carpet fuzz) by the couch.  This means that our very being has an impact on the Universe, even if we cannot see it.  We take that aspect of being and funnel it into action…and that action can be directed toward the overall growth and improvement of the Divine.  Of course, it can also be directed the other way.

Now, I’ll admit that I cannot fathom the action or intent of a piece of carpet fuzz…but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any.  It simply means that I’m unable to see the effects caused by the action of something I pull out of my cat’s mouth on a regular basis.  Of course, being eaten by the cat could be the master plan of said fuzz…and then I start wondering if I am hindering its goal or helping it improve and realize I’m caught up in weird brain circles again.

Funnily enough, the idea that a piece of fuzz might have motivations toward improvement that I cannot see helps me deal with the idiocy I see on a routine basis.

(I’m using the definition from Oxford Dictionaries.com: idiocy – extremely stupid behavior)

My husband and I had an interaction with our neighbor at the start of this week that started with our neighbor storming onto our porch to complain that we had cars parked along the street.  It became a heated verbal altercation and ended with my husband injured and my screaming about the neighbor getting off my “fucking property” and my calling “the fucking cops”.  He did, and I did, and a lovely policeman from our township came out, talked to all the involved parties, and basically told us all to stay away from one another.  What he said amounted to “Don’t talk to each other, and don’t go on each other’s property”…and this is easy for us, because I can think of 157 things we’d rather do that set foot in his yard.

(Before you ask, no – we do not think the neighbor actually laid a hand on my husband to cause the tripping that caused the fall down the porch steps and its sequellae.)

Now, there are a number of factors to consider when looking at this situation…especially since I’m effectively using the altercation as an example of Divine Idiocy:

  1. Street parking is allowed in our neighborhood.  There are no permits required – anyone can park anywhere, as long as no driveways are blocked.
  2. Our pattern of parking, if said neighbor was watching things as he claimed, is that we park on the street when something else is taking up (or going to take up) the driveway – dumpsters; U-Haul trucks; heavy machinery.
  3. Conversational etiquette does not usually involve storming onto someone’s porch to scream obscenities with no apparent provocation.
  4. I do think he had a legitimate question to ask of us when he came onto the porch: “Would you please move your van?  It is parked in my usual space.”  This was never communicated to us in his rant of parking and driveways and cars to be towed and fuck this and fuck that, you fucking bitch…which is what led my husband to step out onto the porch to speak with the guy.
  5. The whole thing could have been avoided if he’d been civil…
  6. …but it also could have been avoided if I’d moved our van back into the driveway after I got my car out.  Or, when I got back from dropping off my father, instead of deciding to wait until I was going back out again.
  7. My husband mentioned to me when I first came home that I should probably move the van…and I responded that I would do it when I went back out.

In other words, I put my own convenience first and an altercation occurred.  Whether the result was direct or indirect I really cannot say; the rant could have occurred whether I’d parked there or not.  Maybe he was ticked that I was in his parking space.  Maybe he was concerned about our neighbors having room to park.  Maybe he thinks too many cars parked on the street affect traffic patterns.  Or, maybe he’s just an asshole.  Things were set in motion and ended with the police being called and the issue being officially documented…and I’ll never know his true motivation.  But really, overall, it doesn’t matter.  The only thing I can do is continue to interact with other parts of the Divine in ways that promote growth rather than stagnancy.

It’s hard to say from whom the Divine Idiocy comes here…but it isn’t hard to recognize what I need to do about it.


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