Hard things are Hard

There’s something to be said for throwing yourself into difficult situations.  For me, it’s usually “Why the fuck am I doing this?”

I seem to be moving away from the simple once-and-done acts of life and into more complicated things that tie me up in knots and make me slog through them one brain cell at a time.  You can see some of this in my blog entries this year – Passing through the Gates is a recent example.  I’m doing (or trying to do) this work to get somewhere further along my religious path and it is taking more and more energy and brain power and understanding to move anywhere.  I keep getting mired down in a swamp of “Why is this so HARD?”

<insert appropriate whiny voice here>

Now, I could insert some lovely platitudes about difficult things being the most worth doing…or quotes from The Little Engine that Could…or some other wordy crap meant to reassure and promote the idea that success will eventually happen.  But, that’s bullshit and soft-soap and, quite frankly, I think you all are more intelligent than that.  I don’t want to palm you off  with something worthy of a sampler or  motivational poster.  The honest truth is that, in everyone’s life some things are easy and some things are not…and everyone gets to choose for themselves whether they want to attack the difficult things.

So, maybe the question isn’t “Why is this so hard?” but “Why am I choosing to work on the hard stuff?”  Or, maybe the question is, “Since I am choosing to work on this difficult thing, why am I whining about it?”

The latter question is easy to answer – I whine because I (usually) get some empathy from my friends/religious community members who are also working on difficult things and the feedback from them makes me feel like I’m not alone.  Shared experience seems to be a bonding (bondage?) point between humans, and bonding over doing incredibly hard shit is rewarding.

As for why I choose to work on the difficult, well, there are a lot of factors involved but it basically boils down to wanting to improve and grow rather than stagnate and there’s no way that I’ve found to do that while only focusing on easy things.  If I want to become more, if I want to be who I truly am,  I have to engage in things that push my boundaries.  I benefit from this, as does everything to which I am connected.

We are all Divine, and our actions have benefits and consequences for the Universe at large.  It therefore behooves us to engage in ways that push our growth forward and make us more.

Writing Prompts:

  1. Do you seek out the difficult?  Why or why not?
  2. What are you avoiding because it seems too hard?  What might help you engage it?

One response to “Hard things are Hard

  1. In some respects I seek out the difficult, but especially during my school year I need to balance that with being realistic at what I can handle.

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