The Art of Breaking New Ground

This. Just this.

The Twisted Rope

Alternate Title: Boiling Frogs

We Pagans (or Polytheists or whatever name we wish to call ourselves) fancy ourselves a group of fairly open-minded individuals. I mean, why wouldn’t we be open minded? We worship gods that have animal heads and walk around sporting boners for the lols. We talk about spirits and otherkin and magic and gods know what else- things that would get us some strange looks if we were to talk with non-Pagan type folks (like our coworkers).

However, for all of our supposed open mindedness, our “community” is filled with a lot of close minded people.

This is especially true in the Kemetic community.

And truth be told, I don’t think many of us realize how close minded we can be, but for someone who is attempting to break new ground, it is so apparent that it’s amazing that it could be missed at all.

Allow me…

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