FlameKeeping for Neophytes

Based on a number of discussions I had at Paganicon 2013 over the weekend (including a few drunken-info-bombings, apparently), I thought I’d break down some of the basics of FlameKeeping for those who are curious but have no idea what the hell I’m talking about.

FlameKeeping is a pantheistic religious philosophy that is based on the idea that we are Divine, as is everyone and everything around us.  I like to say things like “You’re Divine, your shoe is Divine, that clementine you’re about to eat is Divine (which brings up the question – if everything is Divine, what do we eat for lunch?), your angry neighbor down the street is Divine, etc.”  Everything exists within that Divinity – humans, gods, cats, rocks, fungi, etc.

Each of we humans has both a Dark Flame and a Bright Flame.  Our Dark Flame is that essential spark that makes us us, and our Bright Flame is that which interacts with others.  As FlameKeepers, we strive to keep our Flames nurtured and in balance with one another through action that improves.  We act with intent, keeping the idea that all actions have consequences, and that we need to be aware of them and mitigate where necessary, in the front of our minds.

FlameKeeping has no gods in and of itself but does not exclude the possibility; many of us are polytheists and have relationships with various gods.

Other religious paths fit nicely with FlameKeeping – it makes a good foundation on which to base a religious or spiritual practice.  In particular, Kemeticism fits nicely with FlameKeeping and many of the concepts are similar but use different words – balance, improvement, order, etc.  This may be why I find it so appealing…or why it finds me appealing.  (Note to self – find out from Vieva if FK chooses people or if people choose it.)

Since action with intent is a critical concept, FlameKeeping does not embrace salvation through belief, ONE TWOO WAY of doing things, or sitting back and letting things go by.

SHAMELESS PLUG – for more information, you can go to the Founder’s website, or get her book, Kindling Our Stars in paperback or eBook format.  Or, you can ask me.  As long as I’ve not mixed Kraken with cider and mead and wine and…melomel, I should be pretty understandable.


One response to “FlameKeeping for Neophytes

  1. This is lovely – as someone who’s lurked curiously around the FK section of The Cauldron, this was the introduction I really needed. Interesting about the definitions of dark and light in this context, it’s different from what I was expecting, yet it makes a great deal of sense. Thank you!

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