2, 4, 6, 8 – now it’s time to Execrate!

I celebrate many of the festivals on my path by including an execration component.    This is quite common among those of us involved with Kemetic practice – it’s something that was routinely done in Ancient Egypt and it fits nicely into a modern practice.

To execrate is to mark something as loathed or feared and execration involves taking that thing and symbolically destroying it…


Okay.  I stopped writing this post on the first of March because I got angry and had to write a lot of things about words meaning things and have debates about ethics and whether ignorance is willful or no.  Every time I try to go back to this post, something else comes up to tick me off…which made me realize that I could use my own anger in an example.

Anger is a funny thing – it comes in many shapes and sizes and runs the gamut from quiet pissedoffedness to full-blown rage.  A little anger, in my opinion, is a good thing; it keeps me from lying down and being a doormat and it also enables me to express my thoughts in a (usually) healthy way.  But when my anger blows up into a full-blown red and stays there for longer than necessary it becomes a liability and it’s time to execrate.

How do I execrate my anger?  Well, I’ve done it a bunch of different ways.  I’ve written “ANGER” on a piece of paper and then burned it in a flame.  I’ve scribbled images that represent anger and then covered them in red Xs.  I’ve stomped on chalk drawings in the driveway; I’ve shredded things and flung them to the winds (only try this with light objects that can’t smack someone in the head, by the way); I’ve symbolically murdered random objects (the Ancient Egyptians used to do this with donkey figurines, for example).

Now, execrating my anger doesn’t prevent it from coming back and that honestly shouldn’t be surprising to anyone.  My religious foundation is full of things that grow and bloom and then are execrated and destroyed…and then grow and bloom again.  Why should anger be any different?  But, execration is still a worthy activity as it enables us to symbolically remove and destroy the things that weigh us down and the feeling of lightness afterwards is fucking amazing.

At least, that’s how it is for me?  How is it for you?


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