Darkness of Flame

Within you is a spark that holds the Universe.

Sometimes it is tiny, with a shell not unlike an un-popped kernel of popcorn. If you go looking for it while it is in this state, you might notice it is difficult to find but, when touched, is warm and seems to vibrate slightly.  Sometimes it is enormous and its shell has burst and burnt away.  It fills you up with a THRUM that echoes the passing of time and space and you are capable of anything and everything.

This is the Dark Flame.  In extremes, it is an ember or a wildfire.  As an ember, it requires nurturing and careful tending in order to glow – breathing on it, gently feeding it in stages brings it out.  As a wildfire, it needs to be contained with action – digging a firebreak around it to contain its need to consume will subdue it.  The Dark Flame, like all other Flames, requires balance.  We cannot extinguish it completely, but we can allow it to shrink in upon itself until it is hard to sense just as easily as we can let it run out of control and engulf everything it touches.

Think of the measures used to create a campfire: the ground is cleared as best it can be of dry grass, leaves, and other little that might catch fire.  Stones are used to encircle the bare ground.  Tinder is added to the center of the ring, and a small flame is encouraged by match, or lighter, or flint, or fire drill.  A spark flies to land in the tinder and is carefully nurtured – it is fed scraps of fuel like dry pine needs or bark shavings; it is blown upon gently enough to feed it; it (sometimes) is spoken to and encouraged to bloom.  As flames begin to grow, additional fuel is added – larger sticks that will catch but burn slowly, perhaps some newspaper or leaf litter.  And then, once established, larger logs are added that will feed the fire but keep it contained and burning within the ring.

Such is the method for encouraging our Dark Flame.  We must examine how it burns, and why.  We must look at what we feed it, and when, and how much?  Is there a better method for ensuring it does not overcome us and inure us to what must be done outside ourselves?  Is there a way to nurture it and keep the balance between egotism and self-loathing?

We are all Divine and, as such, are connected to everyone and everything around us.  Our Flames, both Dark and Bright, impact the Universe and steer it toward improvement or decline.  It is up to us to ensure we are moving in the right direction.


  1. How do you tend your Dark Flame without allowing it to go out?  Without allowing it to engulf everything around it?
  2. How difficult is this for you?
  3. What would you say to someone struggling with this?

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