Communication and Connection

We are all Divine and are therefore connected to everyone and everything around us.

This connection is tangible when we look for it, and intangible when we choose not to, but is nevertheless there.  We cannot sever it; to quote a friend of mine, “…stop being made of hydrogen and time and you can stop being connected.”  Based on this, it is inevitable that our actions course through those connections for good…or ill.  We anticipate some of the reverberations, and view others as they unfold, and completely miss the rest.  Since we are all connected, and we are all Divine, it therefore makes sense to try to understand what is going on out there in the greater Universe.  This is something we cannot do on our own; we need the input of the other parts.  We need to communicate.

This is one of the many things I find funny about humankind in general. More often than not (in my experience, anyway) we’re reluctant to communicate with one another, even when we are willing to acknowledge our connections.  Something happens to us and we start thinking about the reaction of the other rather than the need to communicate.  For example, I sometimes find it hard to talk about certain things with my husband or my other partner since I feel that connection deeply enough that their reactions will reverberate back to me.  It doesn’t mean I cannot communicate with them, or that I won’t communicate with them, but it does make some topics more difficult to address.  It means that I sometimes think so much about how to say something that I forget to say it entirely…and potential alterations of my relationship fulcra don’t happen.  I…hesitate and, as the old saying goes, I get lost.

(Yes, fulcra is a word.  I checked…and like it better than “fulcrums”.)

As a FlameKeeper, I look at my hesitation and shudder because hesitation is stagnancy…and as most of you know, WE HATES IT, PRECIOUS!  I hate not being able to move in some sort of direction; I hate not being able to act.  For me, communication must move me forward toward improvement, or else there is no point.  When I dither over what to say or how to say it or if it should be said I end up not going anywhere and in a full-Kermit-flail of frustration.

This need I have to communicate with those to whom I’m connected, to share information for the benefit of myself and others, to keep trying to talk it out is what makes me good at my job (as a corporate Trainer).  It is also what makes me come across to some as rampaging bull in the Lenox department…and leads people to think I’m attacking them instead of trying to ensure they understand my point of view.  I have a feeling this will continue to happen until the people with whom I’m connected can say, “I understand your point but I disagree.”

But, as I say, I’m a FlameKeeper.  This means I keep trying to acknowledge my connections and communicate through them, even when the connections want to block me off.

I’m stubborn that way.


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