A is for Asshat

They’re all around us, watching and not able to keep their HUGE mouths shut.

They’re the people who talk about 9,000,000 witches dying during the OMG BURNING TIMES and who refuse to listen to factual, historic information that might refute it.  They’re the people who disdain cultural appropriation even while professing to work with a Native American Shaman for the purpose of integrating their past-life karmic debt with their dragon shadow self.  They’re the people at whom you want to scream “I DO NOT THINK THAT WORD MEANS WHAT YOU THINK IT MEANS!!!!”

Most of us can ignore them, to a point, but then they say something that lodges in our collective craw and we want to rip their plaited with ribbons and feathers hair out by the roots.

To be clear, I’m not advocating ONE TWOO WAY of doing things, nor am I saying everyone has to agree with one another.  I am, however, advocating the annihilation of deliberate ignorance.  I am advocating that it be nuked from orbit because it’s the only way to be sure.

And, as far as the asshats go –

To those of you that can ignore them:  I admire you.  I admire your ability to refrain from responding.  I admire your patience, and your fortitude.

To those of you that can’t ignore them: Don’t worry.  If I decide to throw a party,  you’re invited.

To those of you that think I’m the asshat:  I understand completely.  I don’t necessarily agree, but I understand.


6 responses to “A is for Asshat

  1. I find that the easiest way to keep from being upset by other people is to focus on myself and my own path. We all have our own work to do. When we are busy, it’s easier to ignore those who are spinning their wheels.

    They will get bored eventually and move on to something else. I hear vampires are cool 😉

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  3. Well said! Just simply…well said! This whole issue can be maddening. We say, if you are going to make a claim that historically, a certain society worshiped a giant baboon called Eric, then evidence it through any available archeological and/or anthropological means. If you can’t…don’t make the claim! If however you wish to take an eclectic approach, then all you have to be is honest. Make it plain that a particular deity/symbol/practice has a particular meaning for you, and it is that way that you are working with it, don’t mislead either intentionally or unintentionally. Having said all this, it’s readily apparent that many people benefit from such willful ignorance/misleading, both in terms of following and finance!

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