Youth in Asia

In trying to figure out what to write for my ‘Y’ Pagan Blog Project posts it occurred to me that I needed to divert from my usual topics and tackle a current event.

On 14-December-2012, the same day the Sandy Hook shooting occurred, a man with a knife stood at the entry gate of a primary school in Henan Province in Central China.  He managed to stab and injure 20 children as they arrived to begin the school day, and one adult, before being apprehended by school security staff.

This attack marks the latest in a series of similar attacks over the past 2-3 years in China that have resulted in over 80 injuries to both children and adults and approximately 27 deaths.  The Chinese government has been working, since a spate of four attacks in one month back in 2010, to beef up security at its schools and to try and determine why the attacks are occurring.

(I’ll note here that I am not going to rant about gun control in this post, although someday a philosophical discussion about the ease of obtaining guns in the US vs China is in order.)

We find ourselves living in interesting times which, ironically or not, is similar to a saying often attributed (but never proven) to be Chinese.  What caused them – untreated mental illness, lax laws about weaponry –  is as irrelevant to those directly impacted as us wishing that something else happened.  As a wise (fictional) man once said, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

As a religious person, as a FlameKeeper, and a Kemetic, and a tool of the gods,  I need to make a decision.  I need to move in a direction and not stand, helpless and stagnant.  I need to choose what to do.

Do you?


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