Under My Thumb

“…It’s down to me (yes it is); the way she does just what she’s told.  Down to me, the change has come, she’s under my thumb…” – “Under My Thumb” (M. Jagger/K. Richards)

The above line sums up what many people assume about a personal relationship with the Divine.  It says, and we do.  It hands down pronouncements from on high, and we scramble to apply and obey.  It wants, and we give.  The Divine is huge and all-encompassing and omnipotent, and we are tiny ants scurrying around and subject to the random whims of temperamental gods.

I can’t speak for others, mind you, but I can tell you that my relationship with the Divine bears little to no resemblance to the above.

I am a FlameKeeper; therefore,  I believe that everyone and everything around me is Divine and that it is not perfect.  The idea of an infallible Divinity is just odd to me; it doesn’t compute.  My gods have knowledge I don’t, certainly, but they’re not better or more perfect.  They’re Divine, and so am I, and so is my annoying alcoholic neighbor who shot out our back porch light, and so is my black walnut tree, and so is my left shoe.

(I don’t speculate on the Divinity of my right shoe, though.  Just saying.)

If one takes the standpoint that everything is Divine, then it makes no sense to knuckle under to part of it.  I see no need to fall to the ground and declare myself unworthy of the attention of my gods – I approach them as one  part of the Divine to another.  This doesn’t mean they don’t know more things than I, or that the things they know are not of worth.  It means that I do not grovel when asking for guidance.  It means I don’t blindly follow directions without thinking them through for myself.

It means I don’t leave my free will at the door.


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