I have Rage.  I have Rage with a capital R.  I’m not sure if the rage came first or the R came first, but at this point it no longer matters.  I have Rage, and I’ve had it for a long time.

Rage is one of my reds.  I believe in using what I have and since I have so many reds there’s no reason not to use them.  I’m not sure which of the reds came first but Rage is certainly the loudest.  It affects everything I do and all that I am in some sort of way.

My Rage is active.  It shakes me to my core and wakes me up.  It fills me up and roars in my ears.  It makes me care.  It makes me act, based on that care.  And, sometimes, that care and action makes me live for who can live without action, and who can act without caring?

My Rage is perfect.  It is a part of me that is more me than the face I present to the world.  It lives within my skin; it breathes in and out with me.

My Rage is Divine: it is a part of me and how can one part of me be Divine while others aren’t?  Divinity is not only found in the bright lights and the shiny places; it is found in the dark, and the dirty, and the rotten.  When I started to work with my monsters I realized that their Divinity needed to be recognized so that I could acknowledge my own.  This realization didn’t make the work easier, but it has made it easier to bear.

We are all Divine and, as such, all of our parts are Divine…even the bits we would prefer to shut up in a closet.  When we admit to this, and admit to our own Divinity, it’s just a small step beyond that to recognize the Divinity in others.  And, that’s how mountains are moved.

Isn’t it?


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