Pushing the Reset button

I’ve done a hard reset on my spiritual path about…three times now, but there are days when it feels like I’ve pushed the button over a hundred times.

Let me explain what I mean by reset.  A spiritual reset, for me, is like a video game reset – I completely stop what I’m doing, go back to the beginning of the level (as it were) and start again without using any of the things I collected along the way.  No rituals, no chants, no Tanooki suit…I just start again.

(10 points to those who get the last reference there.)

Now, this isn’t to say that I forever ignore things I learned on previous paths as a rule.  However, there have been times that I’ve needed to reset completely in order to grow in the way I needed to and, in those instances, I cut myself off from things I might have tolerated or actively done in a previous religious life.

Here’s an example: when I participate in public pagan events (cons, retreats, etc.) I need to opt out of participation in public ritual.  This is for a couple of reasons, including direction from “on high”, but mainly stems from the fact that they tend speak to an earlier version of my religious leanings that is no longer applicable.  I cannot participate, since I’ve rejected the teachings behind them.   In my Wiccanoid days, I wouldn’t have blinked and would happily have joined in singing whatever goddess-centric song came along.  Now?  Not so much.

In the above example, I reset my path so it doesn’t include such things.  Note: I’m not slagging anyone for whom it works – I’m saying that it doesn’t work for me, it has no part in my path and, therefore, there’s no point in participating.

I’m not sure if this is a me-thing, or a thing other people do/have done as well.  Anyone have thoughts?


15 responses to “Pushing the Reset button

  1. 10 points for me!

    I kinda get what you mean. Esp with ritual, or spirituality/religion with other people. I can be respectful, but I really don’t want to sit around in a ritual that holds little to know value to me, or a ritual where I might lean towards scoffing in my head. It’s a waste of spoons and time to try and force myself into such a hole.

    I do think that you can hit reset buttons, where everything you thought you knew gets thrown into the bin and you have to sorta start over. Set did that with me when he sent me off to look at Shinto, and it’s occurred yet again more recently during my work with O. So yeah, I think it’s normal. I also think it’s healthy.

      • I don’t really care for the shoe ;_;

        I think it depends on your situation. I’ve been working hot and heavy with both Set and O. I had about… a year and a bit btwn my first shattering (Set and Shinto) and then this year, I think I’ve had multiple hiccups and idea turners that are like mini-resets. I don’t know that you can always choose when your brain breaks and you have to start over. And how often it *should* be really depends on what type of work you are doing.

      • That I can’t say. For myself, I think it is a bit of both. I want to keep growing, and so they look at me and go “okay… you asked for it” and so my head gets broken open repeatedly. My old ideas and values get trashed, and my thoughts about how things work are constantly changing and moving. It’s partially me- because I want to grow, and it’s partially them- because they are molding me into something more. If that makes sense.

  2. I’ve reset my path quite a few times. I went back to the beginning and tossed out the trappings from the previous levels. I think it’s kind of mandatory in solitary practices. (I can’t say about communal stuff, though.) You can only go so far, a I see it, without hitting a wall. And it’s not that the wall is there to make you hate stuff or to stop you, but because you’ve achieved as far as you can or are willing to go in that direction. So, it’s time to turn back around and start all over.

  3. I totally get where you are coming from. I just did one myself. I kept trying to fit myself into a Wiccan box but it just wasn’t right. I’ve learned what I need to from that experience and will now apply it to my new direction. It wasn’t for me, time to move on. RESET!

  4. It’s a normal thing and changing/reviewing/back tracking etc are both useful and necessary. I left a lot behind me and my practice has changed quite a bit over time (about a decade and a half). We learn, we change, we grow and weed out the unnecessary to make room for the useful 🙂

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