Hymn to Sekhmet

Hail to You, Lady!  Keeper of Ma’at and Your Father’s Protector, through You I am strong!  I come to You, not bended, but proud, straight, and tall.  I have not stolen; I have terrorized no one; I have made none weep.

Hail to You, Lady!  Patron of Medicine and Bringer of Healing, in Your name I work!  I uphold ma’at and give back to the people; I am Your servant.  I have not attacked; I have not carried off food; I have wronged none.

Hail to You, Lady!  Eldest of Your Creator, Mistress of the Crowns, I give You myself!  May your ka be refreshed, may my offerings please You, may I know Joy.  I am not unclean; I have not uttered curses; my heart is not hard.

I am pure; I am pure; I am pure.


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