What Do You Queer?

This post is inspired by two others – Queer is a Verb by Charlie Glickman and Queering Paganism by Morag Spinner.  I recommend reading both.


I like the use of ‘queer’ as a verb, especially as described by Dr. Charlie Glickman.  He says:

To queer something, whether it’s a text, a story, or an identity, is to take a look at its foundations and question them. We can explore its limits, its biases, and its boundaries. We can look for places where there’s elasticity or discover ways we can transform it into something new. To queer is to examine our assumptions and decide which of them we want to keep, change, discard, or play with. This becomes a practice in transcending the habit of settling for pre-defined categories and creating new ones. And even when we leave something unchanged, we have changed our relationship to it.

When I look at ‘queer’ in this light, it opens up new ways to think about what I do in life, and how I do it.  I queer marriage by being polyamorous and non-monogamous.  I queer sexuality by being pansexual.  I queer BDSM by being a switch that only subs for a god.  I queer motherhood by being only 20 years older than my child and by being a gamer mom.  And, I queer paganism in a number of ways:

  • I’m a polytheistic pantheist.  I believe that everything is of the Divine and within it – gods, humans, plants, and inanimate objects.
  • I’m Kemetic, but not Orthodox, nor Reconstructionist.  My Kemetic path is tied up in enough mystic-foo to snare the unwary, and I’ve had more than one person look askance.
  • I’m a g0d-slave.  Neb.y (My Lord) Set owns my ass and the things I do are expressions of His Will.  I am His willing tool.
  • I believe that morality is fluid and situational and that right action varies from event to event.  Asking if ends justify means isn’t a question that makes any sense; everything is means and ends rolled together.  What matters is upholding ma’at.

I think everyone queers, whether they know it or not.  The question is: do you know it?  What do you queer in your life?


One response to “What Do You Queer?

  1. The old definition of queer, I see. Well, I never broke it down, but I think it might take all day if I did. “Can’t you ever just do something straight?” is a question I have been asked before and after reading this, I know better what those people meant.

    I have somethings about me that could be classified as normal I suppose. I’m a cis female and hetero and woud be monogamous if I had a mate because people are complicated and one person would constitute enough complications for me.

    We had a guest speaker at a professional development day once that encouraged people to do things differently and to step out of their patterns. I skipped that day due to, I think, it being above 60 degrees. But I heard all about it because I park in a different spot almost everyday to the ire of my colleagues who like their spots (I did not know this then) and many came up to me and told me that was one of the suggestions the speaker gave them and then gave me a summary of the talk. I think they forgave me for taking their spots. I am not sure.

    When things get too comfortable. When people just go along. I get itchy. So I tend to skip things that make me itchy. But you know, I learned the hard way that nobody really wants a body to speak up and question things even if they know it is the right thing to do or just useful. So good on you. It’t not easy being a queer one.

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