QUIET! BNP speaking!

I have issues with control and authority.

(I know, you’re surprised, right?  Right?!)

I rarely take pronouncements made by mortals at face value unless they meet my definition of reliable.  This means the statement(s) must either validate something I’ve experienced or be based on some sort of attributable source.  As you can imagine, this sometimes makes my everyday conversations exhausting.  Then again, I tend to surround myself with intelligent people who understand this about me, even when I’ve not said anything to warn them.

Sometimes I think this attitude doesn’t serve me well, especially when I encounter “PEOPLE WHO KNOW THINGS”.  Clearly, I do not know everything and therefore benefit when those who do share that information.  I’ve been working on modifying my behavior accordingly – notchanging how I think, exactly, but trying to be more open to things with which I have no experience and recognizing that valid points of view can come from all sources.

And then, I read the useless stupid rantings of so-called-ELDERS and EXPERTS and once again want to kick ass and take names.  It seems that once one is an ELDER it is perfectly acceptable to spout useless nonsense and expect everyone to go “OOOOOOOH!   AHHHHHHH!” without questioning.

Rather than spell out the entire loathsome thing here, I will instead link you to Morag Spinner’s fantastic write-up and urge you to pay special attention to Catherine’s comments to a so-called Big Name Pagan (BNP) who clearly should keep his mouth shut on things not directly related to his version of paganism.

I don’t honestly think any BNPs read my spoutings here but, just in case they do, take note: No longer will we take SPEWINGS OF BIGOTED HATRED quietly.  Being a BNP does NOT make you immune to criticism.  Either adjust, or retire for real.




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