An Open Letter to Pokemon Pagans

To Whom It May Concern:

While I appreciate the enthusiasm with which you approach paganism in general and your current path in particular, I have noticed that you rarely seem to follow the same path for more than two weeks running.  Upon noticing this, it also came to my attention that the deities with whom you profess to have a relationship are also changing on a routine basis.

It is not unusual for a path to morph over time, nor is it unusual for multiple deities to be worshiped by one individual.  However, based on your reported repeated difficulties with deity connection and the running into “walls”  and “hard times” with each path you try to follow, I’d like to suggest that your course of action be altered.  This is not to declare that “UR DOIN’ IT RONG!”, but rather to save you having to report further heartache and misery than you’ve already experienced.

It might be beneficial for you to take a look at the deities with whom you currently “interact” and see how, if at all, they fit your current path.  It might also behoove you to recall the circumstances that brought each deity into your life.  Look for patterns.  I respectfully suggest that any deity additions that correspond to encountering “path difficulties” or deity instructions that are “hard to follow” be reviewed.

You may also want to review your current professed path and remember why the path was chosen.  Again, I suggest that choosing a new path to avoid the “rocky bits” on an old path may not be of benefit to your overall progress.

Finally, might I mention that a review of basic source material is in order?  You appear to be conflating information (likely a side effect of your recent path changes) and I’d prefer that you not suffer the embarrassment of being publicly corrected more than twice.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to seek me out.

I remain, hopefully yours,




  • Gods are not Pokemon.  They should not be displayed like trophies and there are no prizes for owning the most.
  • Avoidance by addition is bad math, no matter the venue.
  • One primary source is better than twenty-seven secondary sources written by people gathering information third-hand.

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