I find it difficult to concentrate on my religious path in the month of July because it is so fucking hot…with one exception.

I hate summer, with a passion.  Some of my friends find this incredibly amusing since, you know, I worship desert gods.  I assume that, due to the glorious Nile river, the places in Egypt that aren’t oven-hot in summer are, in fact, dog’s-mouth-hot instead.

(Yes, I said dog’s-mouth-hot.  If you live in Southeastern PA like I do, you’re well aware of this summer phenomenon.  If you live further South, well, I am sorry.)

Summer makes me lethargic.  It makes me want to sit in a dark room with the A/C on.  As our house was built in the late ’20s, we don’t have central air so I have to crank up a window unit air conditioner.  This, in turn, makes me cranky because the house is never uniformly cold.  In fact, the only thing uniform about my summer experience each year is the size of the PECO bill.  Oh, and my wish for thunderstorms.

Massive thunderstorms are one of the summer phenomena that I’ve enjoyed since I was a child.  I don’t mind the closeness that comes before them because I know it will soon dissipate.  The whiff of ozone that comes with the first flash of lightning is exhilarating and the first rumble of thunder always causes goosebumps.  And then, the smell when the rain hits – steam coming up from the ground and being trampled by the pure, fresh scent of water.

As a child, I would go outside with my father when the heat lightning started and we’d stand in the wind while he tried to photograph the strikes.  As an adult, I’ve been known to open the door or even go out onto the porch to watch the storm roll through.  Hearing them after I’ve gone to bed helps me sleep more deeply – there’s a feeling of connection with something there and I feel content.  It’s a religious experience for me.

My attraction to thunderstorms feels like a Thing. It feels important.

Not so coincidentally, the God Who Owns My Ass is embodied in the Storm.


3 responses to “July

  1. You would do well in AZ. Down here in AZ, everyone goes outside when it starts to rain. It was totally confusing to me when I went to OH, and as soon as it started to rain, everyone ran inside. It’s the complete opposite down here.

    I love summer monsoon. It’s the only part I like about the desert (anymore, at least). Too bad our monsoons have been really lack luster recently :<

    • When I’ve been out there to visit my in-laws, I love the smell of the creosote when the rain hits it. Two years ago we were out there during summer monsoon and it was amazing. The wash was completely filled for half a day.

  2. I totally feel you on this one veggie! I too, live in Southeastern PA (SEPTA anyone? no? no?) and I despise the heat and always have. Also ironic since I follow Jackal gods around like a curious puppy. But I connect with wolves for a reason, a good portion of them live in cool and cold places! I’m a late fall baby, I was born for snow dammit XD I also, am a great fan of thunderstorms and rain, especially since it often cools the air off. It smells so delicious! I could go on for a while about rain lol

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