Orgasm and Flame

We are all Divine.  Although as individuals we express our divinity in different fashions, it is not diminished by our actions.  Action is how we demonstrate it to ourselves and to those around us.  Action is fluid, and situational.  There is no one action that works for everyone, nor should there be.  Your divine moments are not mine but both are as valid as the fact of our existence.

Action is what makes most of us feel Divine and it is that feeling that we’re able to put to work to improve.  The method of the action that leads to improvement is, to me, extremely personal and also extremely irrelevant.  It doesn’t matter what I do to anyone but me. (see the concept of  Need to Know).

Basking in the glow of orgasmic aftermath, I feel more Divine than at any other time.

I enjoy sex, as a rule, and have since I took it back for myself at the age of 14.  I’ve had ups and downs with it since but, in general, I’d take it over just about any other activity.  I used to think there was something wrong with me – that I was stuck in the mode of “having power over” or choosing to deal with people on a physical level rather than nurturing emotional closeness.  At this point, however, my therapist agrees with me – I’m just a highly sexual person and it is healthier for me to embrace it (with proper safety precautions, of course).  It is through sex, and the resultant climax, that I actually feel most alive and most me.  Without it on a routine basis, I may not become less but I certainly feel diminished.

To be clear, I’m not speaking of the “race to the finish line” that is so many sexual encounters.  Speedy orgasms have a place, certainly, and, for headache cure or cramp relief, nothing beats them.  They feel good, as they should, and I’ll never turn one down. 😉  But awareness of one’s own divinity does not come from these brief interactions unless one is on a very specific path and/or is amazingly tuned in.  I am neither of these.

To be myself and my divinity, I need the slow build, the aching layering of sensations across my body.  I need the burn that starts in the belly and travels out toward the tips of my fingers and toes.  I need my breath to quicken, my heart to begin to race on the uphill climb, and goosebumps to break out; it is through these feelings that I become most aware of myself.  I know who I am and where I can go by the time I hit the cliff and plunge off:



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