To everyone out there that inspired this mini-rant: you probably don’t know who you are because you honestly don’t understand what the fuck you’re doing.


  1. God are NOT Pokemon.  The goal is not to “catch ’em all”.
  2. Learn to spell and/or use spell check.  That wavy red line under your word means it isn’t spelled correctly. While we’re on that subject,  “diety” is not a real word unless one speaks Polish and even then it doesn’t mean what you think it means.
  3. Putting a cart before a horse generally ends up badly.  To whit, if you don’t know the purpose of an altar, you don’t need to worry the color of the altar cloth.
  4. If your focus is on the favorite colors, offerings, songs, movies, etc. of a deity rather than the deity itself, you haven’t a clue.  Stop what you’re doing and ask someone for help.
  5. Choosing a Craft name or Pagan name or Whatever name that includes the name of a deity WHEN YOU HAVEN’T KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THAT DEITY is…just…there are no words.  Go to Jail, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200.
  6. Admitting one is a beginner is admirable.  Pretending one is an expert when one is not is amazing asshattery.  Please, do us a favor, and shut up now.

That is all.


10 responses to “PEEVES!

  1. Hehe… okay, I am guilty of diety. I get so used to wavy red lines sometimes when editing and so focused on looking for places where autocorrect has screwed me and changed my word to the wrong word. But yeah, I feel you: I really need to start a blog entry before like an hour before I wanted to post it.

  2. Thank you for a good laugh. Not for the content of the post, but for the wit in which you wrote it. Your point in this post is excellent, though I may have to borrow the term ‘asshattery’. 🙂

  3. I am with you on every single point you make. I was also probably guilty of every single point myself back when I first looked into things, but I was also 14 and I’m pretty sure I snapped out of it quickly.

    Wait – that’s not quite right. I never spelled it ‘diety’. Give great thanks to Jenny Craig, I guess?

  4. I probably mispell things. And Diety and Deity drive me crazy cause I get all “I before e, except after c…” and the I confuse the crap out of myself 😛

    But it drives me bonkers to see people all “Omg I need a craft name and I want to do this ritual to do cool things, but I’ve never done one before and how do I shield myself?”

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