Ancestor shrine

My ancestor shrine, over which I’ve been obsessing for months, is finally up.  I decided to place it in the living room on the mantelpiece over the fireplace.

Each element was placed for a specific purpose, as follows:

– Photograph:  my maternal grandmother, before she married.

– Bible: represents my maternal grandfather.  It contains notes in his handwriting.

– Paperweight: represents my paternal grandfather and grandmother, until I can find individual items for each.  They collected paperweights.

– Candle: LED candle to burn perpetually for them.

– Footed offering bowl: To hold bread offerings each morning.

– Glass offering bowl (not seen): To hold water offerings each morning

– Flowers: hand-carved wooden tulips in a hand-made pottery jug and hand-crafted leather rose.  These are perpetual flower offerings.

The shrine will, I suspect, become more crowded but for now it is a start.

My first offerings went up today.


8 responses to “Ancestor shrine

    • Those tulips were a gift from my aunt one Christmas and I’ve used them as virtual offerings pretty much ever since. The rose was given to me by Sharon (does that make it a Rose of Sharon?). 😉

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