Being a God-Slave – random poetry

This…is an incredibly difficult post to write because the topic is so important to me.

So, I took some time yesterday alone, with a notebook and a pen, prepared to write my random thoughts on god-slavery so that I could come back and articulate it for you, the reader.  Instead, what I got was the following:


When once I flew over sentiment and reason

With wings of blue and eyes the color of the season

I thought of You; then rains came down and washed me clean

Of troubling frown and thoughts both small and mean.

A point of view beyond the trembling days when Master knew.

I thrilled to fiery gaze; His love was true and calmed my wired ways.

And now, I hearken to the thrill of My Lord’s voice despite its icy chill.

Within, I bend to meet his will and so transform myself to fit the bill.

What is generated, what is planned,

What is completed is an iron band around my neck; it tugs to make me stand.

What ere befall me, let it wait among the skeins next to the hands of Fate.

My Lord is strong; I’ll not shut the gate to ecstasy, no matter what the price.

What’s payment when it comes to Paradise?


I’ll try again next week.  *sigh*


2 responses to “Being a God-Slave – random poetry

  1. I’m just seeing this now, veg, and I think it’s beautiful and you conveyed a lot here, even if I don’t know details or it’s truly a Mystery.

    Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

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