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Peaceful Awakenings: Reflections of Egypt

(By popular demand.)

Mysticism is hard in reconstructions. It’s the first thing we lose to the historical record. (Well, that and what ordinary non-elites do. So what am I chasing? Mysticism and ordinary people. I am so boned.) A lot of reconstructionists are kind of opposed to the idea of doing the mysteries, just because they are so deeply lost, and because the prospect of doing something holy wrong is profoundly alarming.

The moderate school on this, to which I tend to subscribe, is that the Powers brought the mysteries to people in ancient times, and if They want us to have mysteries now, They’ll do it again. If They don’t, not worrying about it.

But that’s always the problem. It’s all fun and games until someone loses a veil.

It doesn’t have to be much. A hint of something, the sudden edge of illumination, a sudden awareness of depth…

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