To be a FlameKeeper

We are all Divine.

This is one of the fundamental beliefs of the (non-Brighidine) FlameKeeper.  We, and everything around us, are Divine and every action/inaction has an effect on how the Divine is shaped and molded.

This is an awesome responsibility.

FlameKeepers recognize it and actively court actions that they believe help the Divine improve.  In this respect (and in several others I’ll probably post about at some point), they’re a lot like Kemetics trying to uphold Ma’at.  This similarity is something that drove me to combine the two into my own practice – I am a Kemetic God-Slave and a FlameKeeper.

(the Kemetic part and the God-Slavery will be discussed at another time)

I left my birth religion for many reasons, but a key one was the idea of a perfect and infallible Divinity.  It seemed, to me, to encourage rote responses and actions – without thought, without question.  Do what you are told to do, like a child or a sheep, and the Divine will reward you after this Earthly life.  This did not make sense to me when all other sources of authority I saw were imperfect; I could not stomach the idea of perfection in the Divine.

As a FlameKeeper, I know the following things:

  • I am Divine, as is everyone/everything, and we are not perfect.
  • I have a Dark Flame – an inner spark.
  • I have a Bright Flame – an outer spark.
  • I work to improve both Flames to become whole as part of the Divine; by becoming whole, I improve the course of the Universe.

Parts of this are more difficult than others.

Sometimes I sink into Bright Flame work to the point that I give more than I should.  One cannot know how much is available to give until one’s Dark Flame is nourished…so by giving too much of myself to the Bright I am not improving.

Sometimes I bury myself in one aspect of Dark Flame work to the point of ignoring the other pieces.  One cannot make the Dark Flame whole without concentrating, in turn, on everything.  By ignoring the difficult parts of the Dark, I am not improving.

Sometimes I have a hard time recognizing individual divinity, especially when looking at someone whose actions seem designed to create more work.   Of late, this has been extremely difficult for me – I watch people make decisions that, to me, make no sense, or provoke reactions from me that aren’t balanced.

When I do not live up to the standards I set for myself, I feel like a failure.  But, I’m human.  Humans are imperfect and that makes the Divine imperfect as well.  Think about it: if the Divine were perfect, would anyone need to work to improve it?  If the Divine were perfect, would any input from anyone be necessary?

For me, the very fact that FlameKeeping acknowledges the imperfections of everything while still noting that it is all Divine and can be improved is the reason I became a FlameKeeper.  I suspect that I may have this in common with others.


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