Dark Flame Work – the Spiritual

Finally, we come to the Spiritual frame of Dark Flame work.  I find this frame difficult, to be honest – words often don’t exist for the concepts I’m exploring, which makes the exercise all the more necessary.

How do you connect with the Divine?

I connect with the Divine in several ways:

  • I interact with my gods on a semi-routine basis.  As yet, I’m not as good at this as I think I should be but They seem relatively pleased with me for the moment.
  • I try to take time to contemplate the Divinity in the details and remind myself that everything is Divine and worthy of study.  It is odd, but the more I do this the more I feel I need to do it.
  • I Am.  I just am, and since we are all Divine, being creates that connection.

Is that connection as strong as you would like it to be?

I’d have to say yes and no.  The connection does not seem as strong as it should be but, then again, I wonder if I can really perceive its true strength.  If I am Divine, then the connection is as strong as it needs to be and I should like that, right?

What spiritual practices would you like to explore next?

I don’t know if it is a spiritual practice, per se, but I am becoming fascinated with Sacred Geometry.

I’d like to incorporate celebration of the Egyptian Festival Calendar; I tend to miss the festivals by not being aware of them.

What are some ways you could include the chance to do that in your life?

I could bother to look at the calendar my friend is taking so much time to research.

What do you wish were different about your spiritual practice? Why?

I wish I didn’t get stuck so often.

What steps could you take to change that over time?

I could be more mindful of what I need to do to improve.  I don’t get nearly as many prods from the PTB as I should…but then again, Dark Flame work is about taking responsibility for one’s self.


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