Dark Flame – Care and Feeding

In FlameKeeping, the Dark Flame is “…the core of ourselves, that which is individual. Quiet.  Obscure.” – Vieva Wood, Keeping the Sacred Flame.

This core, this essential bit of individuality, is our true self.  It is the face we keep hidden from the world, the bit that makes us, well, US.  It is our spark, of which others get only glimpses.  It is the “quois” in Je ne sais quois.

It is the core of us that is important for spiritual work and growth.  Our inner selves must be strong and balanced in order for us to flourish.  The work we do on ourselves has direct impact on what we do in the Universe, and direct impact on the Divine.

Without care and nurture, our core is fragile and uncertain. If we do not invest in it, in our true selves, we cannot hope to improve or grow.  We will stagnate, and wither.  We will become embittered and unable, and the Divine will reflect that state since the smallest piece of a puzzle impacts the whole.

Since we are all Divine, it stands to reason that as we care for our Dark Flames so we care for the Divine.  They are one and the same.  This can be a difficult concept for some, so I give you this statement: to nurture our Dark Flame is to take responsibility for our own care and happiness.  When we’ve done this, we are better able to care for what lies outside ourselves.

So, how do we do this?  How do we care for ourselves?  How do we make ourselves happy?

Take a moment to be still and focus only on what is inside.  Delve deeply into your core, passing the locked doors and bear traps.  Examine it for what it is – weaknesses and strengths, monsters and minions, excitements and disappointments.  Note where things can be reinforced and strengthened, where confrontation is necessary, where nourishment is needed.

Allow what is in your core to overflow into the rest of you for a moment, then recede like the tide.  Identify what lingers, as it is what must be addressed before anything else.

Take a deep breath.  Your work begins now.


4 responses to “Dark Flame – Care and Feeding

  1. I never heard of the self being called Dark Flame, but I like it and it makes a whole lot of sense. It is hidden from everybody after all.

    I’m attracted to Dark Energy so the idea of the self as the Dark Flame is lovely 😉

  2. I’m not a Flamekeeper, but I sometimes play one on TV very much agree with the concept of the dark flame being our core self, and that we need to take care of ourselves before we can hope to change the world.

    It’s something that takes a long time to learn, and even longer to practice effectively. Not just for me, but for other people in my life. (My best friend runs herself ragged helping others, to the point of literally collapsing.)

    I think in this respect my injury has been a blessing — I’ve had no choice but to be selfish for a month now, taking care of myself first. It’s kind of freeing, doing nearly nothing for anyone else. And I realize how much time and care I really do need.

    So from now on, I’m going to be selfish. And I’m not going to feel bad about it.

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